The family bathroom is a bathroom to suit everyone.

10 Tips for a Successful Family Bathroom

10 Tips for a Successful Family Bathroom

The family bathroom is the bathroom to suit everyone. A good family bathroom is a bathroom that can be used by several at once, which places great demands on design , material and flow in the room. It requires surfaces both on floors and benches, as well as flexibility. But with a little planning, the family bathroom can be an oasis where everyone is comfortable.

1. Let everyone tell her how to design the bathroom. Probably the kids have lots of smart ideas for how the
bathroom might look!

2. Place the bathroom so that it becomes a natural center of residence. Feel free to connect to the hall or other
common area.

3. Choose a style that suits the whole family. Clean lines as well as bright and natural or clear colors are something like
most like. Everyone will enjoy the bathroom.

4. Plan the flow in the bathroom. Keep in mind that many may need to use the bathroom at the same time. Department
for toilet, double sinks and separating shower and bath are some options that make it easy for others to
use the bathroom at the same time.

5. Bet on the storage. Everyone needs space for their things, preferably as private as possible. You might need a
or a cabinet. It's also easier to keep clean, if everything has its place.

6. Choose stylish, smooth furniture. There are several flavors, and they are easier to keep clean.

7. Wall-mounted WC and cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling, make it easier to keep clean when you're alot.
Also choose a shower cabinet that's easy to get really clean.

8. Allow benches to be at different height. The smaller children also need!

9. Consider the safety. Non-slip floors, low height baths and soft edges and touchless mixers make
safer for the kids.

10. Make sure the shower nozzle can be adjusted to suit everyone.

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