When the kitchen is still renovated, it is perfect to simultaneously review the heating. Here you will find good tips and important points about different types of heating in the kitchen.

4 Key points for a hot kitchen

4 Key points for a hot kitchen

When a kitchen is still being renovated, it is perfect to simultaneously review the heating. In many cases, the sources of heat are just as outdated as the interior. And while it sometimes costs a bit to upgrade the heating system, it's usually good for invested slings. Efficient heating leads to lower heating costs. In addition, the kitchen becomes even more beautiful when old ugly radiators no longer spoil the room.


Radiators are the most common source of heat in our houses. They are often placed under windows, which has its pros and cons. The large waterborne radiators are not very beautiful to watch. When the kitchen is rebuilt, it may be worth checking out if something can be done to make them look nicer, or if they can be hidden in some way. Sometimes it's enough to paint the radiators. Then use a color that does not radiate the heat. There are also lots of different elemental protection to set for the item. These are often made of wood, but there are many options to choose from. Those who are a little handsome can make nice element protection themselves.

Electric elements

Radiators with direct-acting electricity as heat source are not suitable for setting. It means a fire hazard. On the other hand, it is relatively cheap to buy new items. Today, there are panels that melt into the environment, unlike the more classic and rather ugly electric radiators. The panels can be put in different ways and it is best to consult the manufacturer or the store about the appropriate solutions. Some newer radiators also have different types of fan systems connected to the heating, so that the heat is spread better in the room.

Underfloor heating

If the floor is to be refurbished, underfloor heating can be a fictional alternative as a heating source. It is a warming form that is not visible, but that really feels. A kitchen floor of tiles or other stone tiles is made to spread underfloor heating. Underfloor heating also works well with different types of carpets. For the wood flooring, a special type of floor heating is often required, as the wood is sensitive to temperature changes. In the house with water-borne heat it is easiest to connect water-borne loops to the already existing heating system. Just think that a professional installer is required for the assembly. It is important that the connection is properly executed. Even in other cases water-borne loops can be used. They are slightly more expensive to buy in and to install, but in return provide a lower heating cost in the long run. Simple electric wires are cheap to buy and also easy to install.

Wood fired cookware

A favorite in repris is the old wood-fired kitchen stove. During a modernization it was popular to throw out the cookers in favor of the electric cookers. Today we think differently. Many people put the stove in the kitchen again, for a variety of reasons. You can save many nice slings on the electricity cost with the help of a wood stove in the kitchen. In areas where power outage is common, the kitchen stove is also good for cooking so that the electricity can be broken.

A wood fired cookie is warming, but it is also an ornament in itself. Today the woodpecker is both handsome and efficient. Many stoves are retro style, but there are also modernly designed wood stoves for the more minimalistic kitchen.

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