Do you dream of a spa at home? Here are 4 tips that turn your bathroom into a spa.

4 Tips That Turn Your Bathroom To A Spa

4 Tips That Turn Your Bathroom To A Spa

Do you dream of a spa at home? Today, it's more possible than ever. Even the sadest bathroom can easily be a clean frame splash, for relaxing moments. Many of the spa's luxury is currently available for home use, and in small enough units to fit into a larger bathroom.

- Select a shower with shower panel. The shower panel's massage features make the otherwise ordinary shower a luxurious experience! A shower panel costs from $ 4,000 and upwards, plus installation.

- Insert a massage bathtub. The body of a spa is a massage bath tub. With little space. Is it possible to choose a more compact shape, but the surface is sufficient so take away one with space for two. Massage baths cost from $ 10,000 and upwards without installation.

- Install a sauna. The modern sauna room takes minimal space. The smallest can accommodate two, and it can be full enough. They do not need to be particularly expensive either. They cost from about 20,000 and upwards. An IR sauna draws less power and also has many health-promoting factors. It is plugged into the electrical outlet in the easiest way possible - via a power plug.

- Location to rest. In a real spa there is a need for a resting restroom in the form of armchairs. Rotting is a classic, but wood works great just what it takes care of. Choose the size by space. A bench is also handy to have, for towels, aromas and other things and things.

Hard to get fit? Then let the bathroom be as it is, and invest in a space in the basement instead. You can also rebuild a guest room to the spa. Then you can also create a spa with a view with views.

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