Adding a Lawn Lawn? Here you will find tips about finished lawns and what you need to consider when laying out a ready lawn.

Adding Lawn Lawn - Tips for Laying

Adding Lawn Lawn - Tips for Laying

When laying a ready lawn, the preparation is the same as for sowing. All shortcuts and all cheating are punished soon. Certainly, it may be tempting to just scratch to the surface in an emergency and then cover over with the finished lawn. Irregularities are noticeable soon and where the grass roots do not touch the ground die grass plants.

The pick-up machine is working with great precision, only stone in the ground can interfere. The peat lengths that are raised are 40 x 200 cm, the thickness of 2.5 cm and not more. There is no benefit of thicker peat, rather the opposite. When picking up, the peat is carefully checked, the minimum damage is detected.

The rolls with busy finished lawn should be protected from sun and wind.

After picking up, the grit rolls are laid on pallet for further transport to the buyer. Because a ready-made lawn can not withstand more than 3 to 4 days of storage, it is important that the laying is not delayed.

Pending the lawn loading, the pallets are placed with grass grazing as cool and shady as possible. Watering on the rolls or covering them with a tarpaulin or the like, however, is not recommended.

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