Thinking of aluminum-clad windows? Here you will find good tips on wood / aluminum windows and worth knowing whether to choose wooden windows with aluminum profiles.

Aluminum Clad Windows - Good Tips When Choosing

Aluminum Clad Windows - Good Tips When Choosing

Wooden windows can be lined with aluminum for longer durability and a more maintenance-free surface. It has become an attractive option for many, as it picks the best of both worlds. The lovely wood feeling remains, but the outside is covered with a protective aluminum frame, making life easier for a homeowner.


Aluminum profiles on wooden windows have become increasingly popular, and have been on the market for forty years at this time. This makes them well proven. An aluminum-clad wood window is basically a wooden window with an aluminum profile made on the outside. Between the wood part and the aluminum frame there is an air gap so that the wood is not passed. It is important to ensure the aeration of the wood. The outside thus has a protective surface, while the feeling of wood remains on the inside. The profile of aluminum is available in a variety of colors and shades, and the amount of design options on windows of this kind is increasing steadily. They are also next to maintenance free. On the inside they are treated like which wooden windows as completely. On the outside there are other buns. Instead of painting the aluminum profile, which is difficult to paint, it may in some cases simply replace it. But until then, it lasts many, many years.


Aluminum-clad windows are not entirely environmentally friendly in terms of manufacturing, but on the other hand, there are few windows that actually are. Aluminum requires a lot of energy to be transformed, but on the other hand, the wood is a recyclable material. Since the aluminum part of the window only constitutes a small part of the entire window, the design can still be considered to be environmentally sound. The durability is also very good, which means that the window does not have to be replaced in a very long time if it is taken care of. In addition, insulation capacity is slightly better with an aluminum profile on the wood window. This means that less energy is generally required to keep the house warm and inviting. It is very environmentally friendly and also smart for the sake of your own wallet.


The appearance of the house's fa├žade is undeniably affected by the aluminum profile. It is tight in the expression and gives a completely clean powder coated surface. It may be good or bad, depending on the taste and taste. If that fits, it depends on which house it is. However, insider's expression is not affected. Here is the true wood feeling that applies. For many, the inside is something more important, because the outside rarely appears in the seams in that way. Well-chosen aluminum-clad windows can be as nice as a wooden window. In addition, they keep the fringes much longer, which means that the house does not seem to look badly at all.

The price

The price of an aluminum-clad window is lower than for a plain aluminum window, but more expensive than a simple wooden window. That in turn also makes aluminum windows a good option for many homeowners. They last for a very long time, and with a little waxing on the aluminum profiles they stay fresh for a long time too. In the long run, it is therefore an economically justifiable alternative. On the inside, the window is handled as a regular wooden window, with re-painting all redundancy if necessary. For those who want to invest a little more on their windows, it is possible to choose copper-clad or steel-clad windows. These are somewhat more expensive, but on the other hand, can give a unique expression on a house that can carry these frames.

Choosing aluminum-clad wooden windows

Windows made of wood and aluminum cladding are often an affordable alternative to a window change. The benefits are many. Aluminum-clad wood windows are especially useful as windows in places that are exposed to weather and wind. It may apply to windows on houses near water, the north side of the house, or in windy places, where wood feeling is to be preserved with durability is also important. However, the functional window in the individual case depends not only on the material around the glass itself. The glass itself, opening methodology, fire safety, locking possibilities and many other factors also play in the selection of windows. The window does not get any better than its installation. Passing is of utmost importance, and it pays to hire a professional for the task. That work is deductible according to the root rule.

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