Buying new windows, does it pay? Here are good tips for replacing and buying new windows. Read more about energy glasses, U-values ​​and benefits of new windows.

Are you willing to buy new windows? Good Tips

Are you willing to buy new windows? Good Tips

Today, the opportunity to reduce energy consumption is a common reason for thinking about their windows. Could it be possible to replace them?

The heat seal through the window can be as big as one third of the house's total heating. If you compare this to the fact that windows have grown up to 70% energy-efficient than old double-glazed windows, you can see that there are huge energy gains. Is it sufficient to motivate new windows?

Efficiency depends on new technologies. Today, almost all window manufacturers offer energy efficient glass windows and energy glasses. On energy-efficient windows, two or three glasses have been sealed with air or noble gas between the windows. The gas conducts heat poorer than air and therefore provides better insulation.

Energy can be saved with energy glass that has a metal coating on one side of the heat reflecting panel. This causes less heat to penetrate the window. You can have one or two energy glasses in the window cassette.

Because the glass also reflects light, the window emits slightly less sunlight in the room. However, this can be an advantage in the summer as you get lower costs for cooling a room with a large window section.

With all these energy saving effects, you get a window that has a U value below 1.0. A classic paired double glazing has a U value of 3.0. When building new, you should select a window with 1.0 in the U value. When rebuilding, it is appropriate for a maximum of 1.2 in U value.

For a wooden window, it is based on a lifetime of 40 years. The energy efficiency divides the costs into a window throughout the lifetime in three parts. Then the energy cost is 86 percent, the maintenance cost is 4 percent and the investment cost for a window with a U value 1.0 10 percent. This makes it possible for new builders to pay for a more energy-efficient window, even though the cost will be slightly higher for the window itself.

However, if you have old but still working windows, it is more difficult to calculate a window change even though the energy costs getting lower. However, since the windows affect the total energy consumption, it may be worth watching a window change when changing a boiler or other heating equipment. With new windows you may be able to buy a smaller plant and earn a portion of the money there.

But you can get other benefits that are equally important. An advantage is quieter indoor environment with better insulation. Smaller calls and moves make it possible to use their home differently, and perhaps place the elements elsewhere. Better features and easier window punching, and maybe even less maintenance in the future can be big advantages.

If you have a lot of windows, you should also wonder if it will get very hot in summer. Then you can also get costs and energy to cool or ventilate during the summer. Such costs may be lower if you select windows with energy glasses that reflect solar radiation.

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