Bathroom fittings for your bathroom. Here you will find great tips on design and trends when choosing bathroom decoration for the bathroom.

Bathroom fittings, tips for choosing bathroom fittings

Bathroom fittings, tips for choosing bathroom fittings

The bathroom fittings were long of a fairly simple design focusing on functionality. But as the spatrend grows ever more, and that we spend more and more money and time on and in our bathrooms, the options are increasing. Nowadays, it is possible to create a bathroom in a variety of different materials and styles. Everything is allowed.

Rooms to live in

Bathrooms have stepped out of the frames. Where the bathrooms that were built earlier were more or less the necessary pain that got the place that was over, today's bathroom is space-intensive, imaginative and full of life. The bathroom has become a room to live in, not just get clean. It also means that we are more prepared to design and design the bathrooms as "real" rooms, where not only hygienic details are available. Other furniture, exercise equipment and space for play and whey have become everyday in the modern bathrooms.


Moving out showers and tubs from corners has become the hottest fashion. It gives a sense of freedom to swallow a bath that is not penetrated in a whistle. There are even those who place the bathtub in the bedroom. A very carefully thought-out installation is required. The bath has become a lot more than a quiet private time behind a locked door.


All this space is based on the hot spatrendend. A bathtub is not just a tub, but almost like a spacecraft. This also applies to the showers, and most of them can be operated with remote control nowadays. Advanced lighting to bring the right feeling and beautiful cleansing solutions, such as sauna, massage baths and shower panels, are becoming more and more standard.

Wooden Wood Decoration

Wood is a material that is increasingly coming within bathroom furnishings. It gives the bathroom a sense of luxury and is a living and beautiful material that lasts forever. There are wooden baths, wooden floors, wooden wall materials and woodcalls to choose which have the ability to withstand moisture. In addition to the old beautiful and Swedish woods, new woods are available in the market. One of them is zebrano.

Clean-painted design

The white, clean and simple is a strong trend that can feel difficult to break in our Swedish homes. The pure-scale has long been the "right" option. The clean design is evolving increasingly and there is a lot to choose from in this style. The materials are made of concrete, wood, porcelain and large or small tiles, stone, stainless steel and glass. Part of the clean-sharpened trend in bathroom furnishings is to be high tech at the same time. The bathrooms are allowed to fit. There is also another trend in which design goes against the simple and almost spartan.

Musty Alternatives

But, to the good of many, it is increasingly daring to design the bathroom with an old-fashioned feel. By choosing a bathroom layout with a turn of the century in the bathroom, the swings can be taken out properly. With soft shapes and musty colors. Daring to be personal is also a hot trend. Find the unique and what you are, then you have a bathroom that's in it.

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