The bathroom window's light insulation allows the bathroom to be the oasis you dream about. Here you will find tips on bathroom windows and candles in the bathroom that adds a little extra.

Bathroom windows emit the light in the bathroom

Bathroom windows emit the light in the bathroom

A few decades ago, many housewives were enacted by placing the bathroom in the darkest corner of the house. Today, we would like to do the opposite. A bathroom with window, or at least light insulation, has great potential to be the oasis of the time you dream about. Because the light is lively, it gives the room that little extra, which can hardly be compensated by interior or colors.

Planning for the light

In order to utilize the natural light in the best way, it is well worth planning the bathroom after the window. By the way, do not put the shower cabinet in front of me, but maybe put the bathroom there instead. Then you can enjoy daylight or dusk in the bathroom. Another good idea is to put the handle at an angle to the window. Then the mirror image becomes clear and clear, even without artificial light. Naturally, it will not be.

Insulated glass

A clear problem with windows in the bathroom is transparency. We want to get in the light, but not that anyone can look in. Perhaps we want to look out? Here are several different solutions to choose from. Here are some:

- Frosted glass surfaces prevent transparency but let through the light.

- If the glass is already transparent, you can attach a frosted film to the surface.

- Blinds let you choose how free the window should product.

- Curtains are a homely solution in some cases. Beware of moisture damage.

- Panels can be placed for the windows and laterally pushed.

Windows and other

The location of the bathroom window can also help reduce the transparency. If the entire bathroom is redone, the window may be placed high and be very oblong instead. It gives insight protection plus a lot of light. On the upstairs, skylights may be appropriate. All light inserts need not be regular windows either. It may be fun and exciting to look at other solutions as well. A verandah door in the garden or to a balcony is the dream for some, while others think it's most beautiful and best with concrete glass, maybe in different colors. Customize the lighting solution in the bathroom with the design on the house, as it is visible from the outside.

Moisture proof

Window rails and windows are sensitive to moisture. Therefore, be sure to moisture all sides around the window. Do not set the shower too close to the window. The steam from the shower can cause moisture damage. Talk to a craftsman for more tips and advice on creating moisture proof in a moisture proof.

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