New bathroom window? Here you will find tips for choosing bathroom windows and good to know when to think about location and choice of glass in your bathroom window.

Bathroom windows give light and space - Tips

Bathroom windows give light and space - Tips

Windows gives space and light to the home. This also applies in the bathroom, where a view through a window can make the dot of the one. The problem is just that it may be a little bit good with transparency as well. However, it can be solved in several different ways.

Placement of bathroom windows

One of the more important choices when installing a bathroom window is the location. In the bathrooms upstairs and with sloping ceilings, the placement is quite a simple match. Insights are minimal for natural reasons. When placing the placement on a regular wall, it may be worth considering a little extra on the transparency and where the light falls. Sometimes a smaller window can be as effective as a larger one. Toilet, shower and bathtub should be as separated as possible from the window. It does not hold on much moisture.

Insight Protection

There are several types of glass that guarantee the bathroom user to be kept calm. Most people choose a frosted or patterned variant of any kind. The glass with insight protection comes in a variety of varieties and manufacturing methods. Here the decorator can choose both color and pattern. A beautiful alternative is a special pattern called potato glass, as well as cotswold pattern. Raglas is popular.

A more modern variant is to choose glass blocks as light insulation for the bathroom. It does not give the same space, but on the other hand, the light comes in very beautifully, and the glass blocks can be combined in a variety of colors. The glass blocks more or less the transparency given from the outside.

Whoever wants a private space in the bathroom should carefully review the pattern to see how much protection it provides. Even the lighting in the bathroom affects the degree of protection that the glass gives, and more than that. Think about how the light falls into the bathroom, and apply it to space and air.

Turn the clear glass into a bathroom window

A simple alternative is to have a bathroom window of clear glass and then have a curtain that can be pulled if necessary . A window of clear glass emits clearly more light, if desired. At the same time, good protection against transparency with the curtain is provided as desired. Many people find that the frosted glass still leaves enough contours and images to make them feel safe. The one who already has a bathroom window, of clear glass, and who wants to change it inexpensively can mount a plastic film that limits the transparency. Another way that is also more sustainable is to install a separate box inside the already existing window with frosting or pattern.

Bathroom Window Installation

When a bathroom window is inserted it is extremely important that the sealant is kept intact . There are a lot of rules and requirements for how a wet room is to be decorated. Equally important is that the window itself is mounted correctly. In principle, it is always worthwhile to let a professional professional do the job, not least from an insurance point of view.

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