Thinking about buying a bathtub in plastic? Which bathtub should you choose, which one is best? Here you will find great tips about plastic tubs and worth knowing when choosing a plastic bath for your bathroom.

Plastic Bathtub - Good Tips When Choosing Plastic Bathtubs

Plastic Bathtub - Good Tips When Choosing Plastic Bathtubs

Many of the more fun models of bathtubs on the market are made of some kind of plastic. This applies in particular to the slightly larger models of bathtubs, with room for more. This also applies in many cases where hot tubs and massage baths will come into the picture.

Regular with plastic tubs

Plastic tubs are cheap to buy. It makes them popular. The fact that the material is easy-working also makes it a popular choice of materials for massage baths of various types, as well as larger bath tub models such as corner baths for many. For where it is a good option in case there are great wishes for features or size, but the wallet is not the largest.


The material used is mainly acrylic, so-called sanitary acrylic, even though There are variants. A common alternative is fiberglass with ABS plastic. These materials feel comfortable against the skin even when they have not been heated by any water. They are also less creepy when they become soaked, making it safer to stand in such a bathtub. Yet another advantage is the softness of the material. One case does not get as brutal to the plastic as to the enamel. A fairly new variant is a material that is a mixture of acrylic and quartz. It provides elasticity and durability, and allows the creation of new shapes on the bath tub.

Disadvantages of plastic tubs

A disadvantage of plastic tubs is durability. They can crack and over time, the structure of the plastic changes so that dirt easily gets caught. It makes it less hygienic to use it. In order not to scratch the surface, follow the instructions for treatment that comes with the tub. Corrosive and repellent cleaning agents should not be used. Always use a soft detergent that is facing the plastic. Because the plastic as a material is also used to make it cheap, the bath itself is not too expensive either. This makes the fitting of the parts sometimes leaves a bit more to be desired, although it is not always the case.

Choosing a plastic tub

Who knows that the plastic is not quite durable, but still want it Little extra in terms of comfort in the bathroom makes it right to choose a plastic bathtub. They come in a variety of fun forms and performances. The feeling, though, is not as real as a bathtub of wood or enameled bathtubs, but it's up to everyone to decide how much it means. Then there is of course a difference in the quality between different models. It is both possible to build the bathtub with a tiled front or buy a plastic front. With an enclosed plastic tub, the luxury is at least as well-known as a wooden or enamel bathtub.

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