New Bathtub in the Bathroom? How to easily install a bathtub in a bathroom. Valuable tips on what to consider when installing a standard bathtub.

Bathtub - Install New Bathtub in Bathroom

Bathtub - Install New Bathtub in Bathroom

It is not difficult to put a new bathtub in place and then install the drain pipe to the floor well. Even though modern baths in standard designs are quite easy, you should ensure that you have the support to get the bathtub in place. Installation and adjustments, on the other hand, can be done by means of a good water pass and some tools.

The bathtub has been available as standard equipment in our bathroom for about 60 years. There are a lot of these over the years in both apartments and single-family houses. At that time, the bathtub was made of enameled cast iron and therefore weighed a lot. Most often they were also dressed with tiles. These factors certainly contribute to the fact that many such bathtubs are still in place.

Even though the enamel is both tired and has been discolored, they remain. The work to replace a bathtub means that most of the time also includes other extensive work in the bathroom.

Fixed tubs

Bathtubs that are permanently installed are generally difficult to remove and usually do so in connection with a complete renovation of the bathroom . Modern standard baths are made of quite thin, molded, enamelled sheet, making them easy to handle. They have removable sides and front panels for easy access when the bathtub is to be fitted and even when cleaned throughout the bathroom.

New Standard Baths

The bathtub that we assemble is a standard bathtub. The shower bar is already mounted on the wall and a mixer is connected to concealed water pipes. If you have chosen a bathtub where a bath tub mixer should be fitted to the bathtub edge, this should be fitted before placing the bathtub in place. Then it can be difficult to access wrenches and other tools.

The setup itself is simple and requires only a few tools. Set the bathtub in place and adjust the adjustable bathing feet so that the vessel stays steady and does not lean. Once you have measured, cut and assembled the pipe between the bottom valve and the floor well, the job is complete. When choosing a bathtub, it is important to be careful with both external and internal dimensions.

The exterior of the standard bath is 160 cm long and 70 cm wide, but there are also "common" baths of other dimensions. If there are large adults in the family and the size of the bathroom allows, it is all the best to bet on an extra spacious bathtub. The desire to swim can easily disappear if the space in the tub is so small that the bath is perceived as sitting in a water pool.

Here you will need to install the bathtub:

Water Pass, Tumstock, Pencil, Bow File

Standard baths, Drain pipe, Gavelfästen 5 pcs.

Install drainage pipe, adjust the bathtub

1.Place the bathtub in place against the wall. Note that the sides of the tub that are hidden do not require side panels.

2. Adjust the adjustable bath legs to keep the tub firm. Check with water passages in both directions.

3. Keep the drain pipe up and down, measure the distance between the bottom valve drain and the floor well. Mark with pen.

4.Check the distance with the thumbstock before cutting the tube with an arc file at the selected mark.

5.Turn the connection to the bottom valve in the bathtub and put down the short section of the drain pipe in the floor well.

Gavel sides to the tub

1.Pass the brackets for the end of the short side of the cardboard and then push the gable into place.

2.Remove the end of the endplate so that they stand firmly against the floor.

3.Remove the brackets which belongs to the long side and then push the front plate against the hooks on the tub.

4.Tension all end braces by sliding them aside. Check out the water pass and make any fine adjustments.


New material regulations, rules, recommendations and working methods are constantly coming. Therefore, always check the current rules with the current professional organization / professional before starting.

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