Broken wallpaper? Here you will find valuable tips and make it self-explanatory with explanatory photos on how to fix broken wallpaper.

Broken Wallpaper? How to fix a broken wallpaper

Broken Wallpaper? How to fix a broken wallpaper

Broken wallpaper? In this article you will find detailed information and make it yourself a description of how to fix broken wallpaper.

It has easily happened that the tape loses a joint, breaks or even slits a piece. If the damage is not too extensive and you have been foreseeable enough to save a roll of wallpaper in reserve, it is not that difficult to fix the wallpaper. There are various types of wallpaper damage that can be done differently, although the principle is essentially the same. If you have blisters in the wallpaper, it may be because air has left the wall between the wall and the wallpaper when you set up the wallpaper.

If the blisters are close to the ceiling or in another more inaccessible place, it may be wise to allow them to be. On the other hand, if the blisters are visible, or where you can easily access and puncture, it's best to fix them. If the wallpaper is single or small, you can cut a cross. However, if the bladder sits in a larger pattern, it is better to follow the pattern with the knife. Smaller holes or tears on a piece of paper can easily be repaired with a piece of wallpaper from the backup roll. If you get the wallpaper from the back you get almost invisible edges.

This type of coating becomes almost invisible on a light or small-patterned wallpaper. On a darker wallpaper, however, the layer may appear. If the wallpaper damage is greater or if is a vinyl tape you're going to fix, you can not tear a note. Then it is better to make a recess in the old wallpaper. Just do not forget to pattern fit the flap if necessary. Also, be sure to choose a wallpaper paste that fits the type of wallpaper you are going to fix, otherwise do not attach the wallpaper properly and the layout is of no use.

Be sparse with the paste so that it does not slip into the joints. Should it still get glue on the outside of the wallpaper, you should immediately wipe it with a damp cloth. No matter what kind of damage the wallpaper has got, it's important that you do not rush to fix it.

Worth knowing

If the wallpaper has broken and you do not have a spare roll. can you ask in the color trade if the wallpaper is still in stock. Do not do it, do not you need to be the same as you can not paint the wall in a nice way. There are many beautiful wallpapers to buy. They are sold on a roll and are available in most styles, colors and patterns.

This is what you need to fix broken wallpaper:

Vass knife (1) Small bottle (2) Splitter rolls (9)>

Wallpaper paste Blades made of crossed

1.Use a sharp knife and gently cut a cross in the bladder.

2.Press some adhesive with a small bottle for example. sewing oil.

3.Add the tabs. Smooth the wallpaper with your finger, then with roles.

Blisters in the wallpaper made with figure cutters.

1.Screw around the edge of the pattern so that your sheep tabs.

2.Use a thin brush and apply a thin layer of adhesive .

3.Read the tab again and smooth your hand out the tab to the sectional area.

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