How do you secure your home? Here you will find tips on child safety at home when you are child-proofing your home.

Child Safety - The Art of Child Securing a House

Child Safety - The Art of Child Securing a House

When the new generation takes place in a house, nothing is the same. It's not just about life itself, the routines and how we think and reason for priorities and future. Even the house itself often needs to change in order to provide a safe and beautiful childhood development. Lots of dangers hide in what we like to see as natural and learned to live with. Some must we learn to live with, and a watchful eye can never be replaced. But with small and smart details, many unnecessary risks can be limited.

Child Safe Kitchen

The kitchen is a natural gathering point in the house, but also one of the more dangerous places for a child. Here is both heat and electricity so it's enough and over. Scaling is, for example, one of the most common accidents where children are involved in a home. Ovens and hobs should be protected so that children do not reach the hot areas. The glass on the oven must not be too hot so that the child can burn on it. The maximum heat level must not exceed 60 degrees. If this is not met, install a protection grill for the oven window. The oven, the stove and the dishwasher should also be fitted with a tip guard and an opening protection. A child lock on the stove to prevent the children from getting started hobs and oven is to be recommended. Some hob protection also has this. Fridge and freezer can also cause problems. A refrigerator rule can easily be mounted at a height where the children do not reach. Then an adult needs to help open the cabinet.

Kitchen Decor

Strong corners are also a danger. There is simple corner protection to wood on which reduces damage if someone dares or strikes them. Even the boxes can cause problems. Children even drag them out to use as a step in the quest to discover the world. Here's a lot of protection to buy in the trade, but sometimes a broom shaft or a long shoe horn actually works as well. It depends on which handles the boxes are provided with. In order to be on the safe side, at least two of the drawers should be fitted with latches.


The bathroom is yet another place where children may be injured. Slope accidents affect both adults and children. With a simple slip mat, the risk can be reduced. The toilet should be fitted with a lock so that the lid can not be opened by a child's hand. Hot water is pure terror for the child. A good thermostat set at a fairly warm temperature is important when children are on the go. Also make sure that the plug to the tub is unavailable to the child when not in use.

Windows and Doors

All low-seated windows can be crushed by children's games. Therefore, they should be fitted with tempered glass. With a window bar on the opened window, the room can be weathered without the child opening it and rolling out. The latch must also be so high that the child does not reach it. Clamp damage is also not uncommon, especially in door posts. There are both nice and simple doorsteps to buy.


Fall crashes are common in stairs. Children do not understand that the stairs can be dangerous, but they would like to see them as a playground. Stop the children from walking the stairs themselves through a gate. The gate should be stable and sturdy enough to withstand attempts to penetrate. A so-called voltage barrier is not sure enough. When using the staircase, it is important that there is anti-slip protection. Many stairs have no backsteps on the stairs. It can be a trap for the child. Set for these openings, the stairs will be much safer for children, as well as for adults who want to get up and down. Openings in trellis should not be more than 7.5 cm wide. If they are, a custom-made fabric can be mounted on the trellis to provide protection.

Furniture and Curtains

When children live in a house, the entire living space should be arranged based on the needs of the children. It applies to both large-format design to play and how the furniture is mounted. Cabinets and shelves get the best screwed in such a home. Then the children can not overturn them and get them over. It is also good to remove all the heavy and fragile items that are on the child's height. Long curtains are not recommended. They are used as lianes and do not want to pull down the entire curtain rod. Let the curtains end at a height your child does not reach or skip them until the child is big enough.

Electricity in general

Electricity outlet is a real danger to children. It is easy to secure them by using pet protection. If the house is modern, the outlets already have this built-in, but check for safety. These pet protection costs almost a tia but can save lives. Another problem is hanging cables. Avoid these as far as possible. Children are happy to wear cables, and lamps can be rolled down, or toasters, microwave ovens or anything else that the cord happens to belong to. This can cause serious damage to children and property. A cable clamp reduces the risk. A surge protection is actually standard in a home. That's not to say that everyone has it. If the house is not covered by protection, it is high time to get such a child when living there. It provides a good protection if the accident is over.

Dangerous substances

Children taste everything. It also applies to fluids and tablets that are not so useful to them. Sometimes they even get poisonous substances. Then it's bad. All homes where children are staying must have a lockable medical cupboard. There, all medicines, whether prescription or not, should be stored. Detergents are also dangerous for children. Use a cupboard that is high and out of reach for the children to store such products. The alternative is to provide a door rule to the monitor (s) where the chemicals are stored. Keep in mind that some plants are poisonous. The risk of poisoning plants is especially great if the plant produces fruit. Avoid such plants completely.

Pay attention

It is important to pay attention to the products available in the trade. Sometimes it is easy to assume that the products sold are also child resistant. But that's not always the case. The products manufactured and sold on the Swedish market must be CE marked. This means that the manufacturer ensures that the product meets the EU standard available. It should feel like a security in itself, and that's it many times as well. However, it is not always so. It is the manufacturer himself who affixes the CE marking. There is no independent party testing the products to see if they really meet. Only afterwards or in a sample check, the company can be asked for a response. In addition, not all products are CE-marked at all. In Sweden, there are few rules that stop importers from selling unsafe products. In this case, we are anything but a pioneer country. Many other European countries have a lot more tougher rules. Be therefore always on guard when it comes to shopping toys or child safety products.

Design Important

It's only to admit. Security is sometimes anything but nice. It is important to have the priorities right. Too many avoid security products just because they are ugly. But then it should not be. Fortunately, there are companies in the market that sell both safe and stylish products. Look around the net and in the shops to find what suits your home. What fits into the home, which feels nice and okay, is also what is used in practice.

Think about

Security products are for use. It is not enough to shop the product and then let it fall into oblivion. A safety product is also not a guarantee that no accident can happen. Always see child safety as a combination of well-chosen security products and your own judgment. Stress is a common cause of accidents, for example. There can be no safety product in the world. Children need time, attention and care, no matter what security features are used.

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