Which wood should you choose from the sauna? Here you will find good tips on different woods to choose from bastupanel and lava when building a sauna.

Choose the bastupanel? tips on woods in the sauna

Choose the bastupanel? tips on woods in the sauna

A classic sauna is dressed with wood bastup panels, from top to toe. There are several different types of wood to choose from, and much about the taste and taste. Some prefer to mix, so that the different woods complement each other and provide the sauna structure. But two things are safe:

- In the sauna we would like to have a bastup panel with a wood that does not absorb heat.

- In the seats (the lava) we want timber-free wood that does not look like it. Otherwise it's easy to get a bit of sore in the back.

Bastupanel and wood fits in the sauna:


Asp is a Swedish and light wood that fits both for bastupanel and lava, as it does not emit any resin . Anyone who wants extra durable ash can choose heat treated ash. The heat treatment causes the tone of the wood to darken slightly. Of course, it is also possible to match the two different asp trees. It's really nice. A heat treated wood need not be maintained. On the other hand, it may need to be sanded if it gets really dirty. The wood layer is relatively expensive, but lasts very long.


Al has a beautiful red tone and in Finland the traditional sauna of this particular wood is built. Alen thus has "more color" than the asphalt tree. It needs to be oiled at regular intervals to get really good.


The sauna bastion panel that fits the sauna is the heat-treated ash. It is even darker than the alen, and therefore gives a little exclusive look.

Cedar tree

Ceder is an exotic wood that has been breached as a base material. The reason is that it has many nice shades and that it smells celestial.


The grain is a classic and affordable wood that also fits as a sauna panel. On the other hand, it may not be as good for the low as it can give off. The brushed grain fits best when the soft surface is removed. Heat-treated spruce is tougher than untreated.


Fur is another classic wood in Sweden. It is also suitable for the panel.


Abachi is an affordable material that fits the building of lava. It feels cool and comfortable. However, the wood layer needs careful care to keep well when the wood is very porous.

Radiata Pine

Radiata Pine is popular with some manufacturers. It's because it's beautiful, durable and has a knot-proof effect. It is therefore very suitable in an outdoor sauna. The wood is from the United States and Mexico. What is sold in the trade is usually grown in other places.

Remember that untreated wood is treated to hold and to facilitate cleaning. Paraffin oil or a bastan panel guard is preferred. The oil will make the wood darken slightly.