Kitchen fans are available in different designs and designs. The questions are many when choosing the kitchen fan. Here you will find 7 short-lived and good tips that may be useful when you buy and choose a new kitchen fan for your kitchen.

Select Kitchen Fan? Do not just think about the design - 7 tips

Select Kitchen Fan? Do not just think about the design - 7 tips

Today, the kitchen fan is often one of the kitchen's most clear design messages, but a nice kitchen fan is unfortunately not self-evident a good fan. The efficiency of a kitchen fan is both related to performance and location. Not only how many cubic meters of air per hour it sucks.

7 tips for the choice of kitchen fan

1. A quiet kitchen fan is good for enjoying the kitchen, but is it not efficient, nobody wants to be there anyway.

2. When choosing a kitchen fan, you should also determine the capacity of the fan to catch the otter. The percentage of oculation in percentage is not at all the same as the amount of air it sucks out. Look at tests made or data provided by manufacturers of kitchen fans.

3. A kitchen fan should not be pushed in between two overcaps without having at least ten to fifteen centimeters of free space on both sides for full effect.

4. Placing the kitchen fan built into an overhead hood begins to come back. This gives you more storage space, and makes the fan resolution more discreet.

5. It is important to ensure that the kitchen fan will be able to extract air to suck where it is placed and that it has a ventilation duct that corresponds to its performance. A rule of thumb is that the fan should suck more than 500 cubic meters per hour, one should have a 150 mm diameter duct from the fan.

6. Supply air must come from a valve in the room next to the kitchen. Then the airflow goes down to the floor and brings the oven from the hob and a possible oven. Valves must not be present in the kitchen. If you open the window for heating when you run the kitchen fan, you risk spreading the food to adjacent rooms.

7. A built-in oven in a high cabinet should preferably be placed between the supply air valve and the cooker hood for food.

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