Delicious radiator? Here you will find tips on leaky elements and what you need to do as the first action on a waterborne element, leaking water.

Delicious radiator and elements - do this

Delicious radiator and elements - do this

In this article you can read more about what you need to do as the first action if the radiator is leaking.

First action if the radiator is leaking

1. Immediately place a vessel under the radiator. Otherwise, you risk a water damage on the floor and in the backbone.

2. Check where the leak comes from the valve itself, its clutch or any pipe joint.

3. If you have a pipe joint, please contact a plumbing company for assistance.

4. Delicious control valve and radiator missing thermostat, before switching valve or repair leakage, first turn off boiler and circulation pump. Then, the system drains to a level well below the point where the leak exists.

5. If the radiator is of a modern type and fitted with a thermostat valve, screw the hexagonal lid on the return valve that is located on the radiator's skirt closest to the floor. Then tighten the screw that becomes accessible when the cover is removed and re-tighten the cover. Set the thermostat to zero or minus mode.

The radiator is no longer exposed to any water pressure, thus stopping or reducing leakage until you get a new gasket. Radiator valves can look different, but the principle is largely the same.

Radiator with thermostat

1. Rotate the knob to the left so that the valve is relieved.

2.Remove the valve's steering wheel. You may need to use a key.

3.Drag the wheel without turning it or change mode.

4. Release the hexagonal packing box using the appropriate key.

5. When unpacking the box, release a valve that stops the water.

6.Place the new box. Fit the thermostat parts in reverse order.

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