Untight windows? You do not have to change windows because they are dull and untight. Here you will find great tips on window sealing and worth knowing if you have dragged windows.

Dense windows - Good tips for sealing tight windows

Untight and worn old windows are a major break for the homeowner. They cause not least high heat losses, which increases heating costs. The house can also be perceived as drastic, which does not just contribute to a homely home environment.

A first thought may be to replace the old windows with brand new windows that promise a completely different insulation ability than the old ones. It is also something that many window manufacturers like to make as suggestions. But watch out. There are several good reasons to look a bit extra on the condition of the old windows before a change is planned:

- It is expensive to replace the windows, especially if the windows do not meet the standard dimensions and if the new windows should look the same as the old ones . The repayment time, although the heat losses are high with the old windows, can be long.

- If the house is old and the new windows look modern or have a different look than the old, the appearance of the house may seem to be strange.

- Many old windows are made of very high quality and it happens that completely fresh windows are replaced in the ivern to lower the heating costs. Quite unnecessary, since the old windows can often be refurbished with small amounts.

Seamless windows

An attractive alternative to a window change, both environmentally and economically, can be to see if it's easy to seal the old windows instead. The cost of this is small potatoes compared to what new windows cost, while the effect is high.

The insulating ability of a window depends, to a large extent, on how tight the window is. Old windows become drastic to create slips between the frame and window frames, slides that let the cold air into the house.


It's good to go through the windows before each fall to make sure the sealing strips are completely tight. Note that sealing strips around window frames should be replaced at intervals of approximately 8-10 years.

Use Professionals

Best seal will be the seal of professional professionals. The placement of the seal and the adjustment of the arcs must be precise for the window to be both tight and easy to open and close. Ventilation can also be affected by the seal, something that needs to be considered a little more closely if the house is dependent on self-sufficiency.

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