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Drilling Machine - Drilling Machine Tips

Drilling Machine - Drilling Machine Tips

In many Swedish homes there are concrete walls, brick walls or other materials that are difficult to force using a standard drill. When it comes time for new shelves or boards to attach to the walls, it may be appropriate to use a drill bit in the toolbox. Today's drilling machines for hobbyists can handle more things than just drilling holes, with the right accessories you can also screw, grind, polish, mill, brush and move. When drilling, it's the material that determines how and what to drill. In soft materials such as wood, you use the drilling function. When drilling in hard materials such as concrete or stone, turn on the Stroke function.

Drilling machine

Drilling machines has, as the name suggests, a slag generator that can be drilled when drilling in very hard materials such as concrete and stones. A special mechanism in the transmission turns on drill chuck and drill up to 48,000 beats per minute depending on speed - and thus helps you in the work.

NB! Even though the impact drill is a universal machine, the stroke generator is only Designed for drilling in walls, ceilings and floors. When drilling in wood, metal, brick or fragile materials, turn off the stroke generator. The same applies to screwing, grinding and polishing.

Quick Chuck facilitates tool changes because it does not require any special key. To the outside, recognize the quick chuck on the knurled twist sleeve.

Quick chuck with a sleeve

Quick chocks with a sleeve are easier to use than those with two. Chucks with a sleeve have a spindle lock. They make the toolships smoother.

Two-Sleeve Snap Chuck

Two-Sleek Quick Chocks have two rings to open and close the chuck. You hold one and pull or unload the other.

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