Great tips when drilling with a drill and what to consider when drilling. Learn more about different screw functions on a drill machine.

Drill Drill - Tips When Drilling

Drill Drill - Tips When Drilling

When drilling, there are a lot of special tools and accessories for drilling machines in a variety of designs: For example, you can load different grain size grinders on the grinding wheels.

Brushes, grinding pins and milling files have different shapes, so you can process all possible workpieces.

Work clean and tidy

If you collect the drill dam with an extraction device (often accessory) when drilling or attaching a small paper bag (coffee filter) directly beneath the borehole, you save a lot of effort when cleaning.

Watch out for wires

Always screw with the correct bits
If you use wrong bits, the screwdriver is quickly destroyed. Do not just look after it's the right shape, but also that it's the right size. You need a universal holder to attach the different bits. For each screw there is a type of writing bit that fits: Track, Crossword, Insex and Torx.

Only use bits that fit the screwdriver, otherwise it will be destroyed quickly so that the screw becomes difficult to unscrew and then can not be used anymore. Bits that are suitable for drilling machines can be found in the retailer or at the construction store.

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