What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing High Pressure Wash? Here you will get great tips on high pressure washers when choosing the right high pressure wash.

Effective Clean with High Pressure Wash - Tips

Effective Clean with High Pressure Wash - Tips

One of the more common machine tools in the Swedish households is a high pressure washer. It facilitates cleaning and cleaning of a variety of things. Not least, the car and the caravan get a good and good laundry with a high pressure wash. It also has asphalt ramps, altarpolve and fences, facades, outdoor furniture, leaf-covered ceilings and much, much more. Imagine what it would be like to get clean without a high pressure wash! Therefore, be sure to choose a high pressure washer that lasts in length.


With a high pressure wash, a variety of things can be cleaned at a kick. Everything from the car and caravan to the balcony and the driveway gets efficient cleaning with a good high pressure wash. The effect is in the pressure of the laundry. The rays hit the surface at an enormous speed and power which almost fades away the dirt from the surface. That's why a high pressure wash should be used with care not least on wooden surfaces. There, moisture and dirt can be penetrated into the material instead of flushing it.

However, using the right technique, even high pressure can be used for rhythm and facade washing.

At the same time, only half of it is used water that had been required to make the surfaces clean with regular hose. It also means that a small amount of detergent is needed to get a shiny clean result.


The best performance depends on what the high pressure wash should be used for. How strong high pressure washer is measured in bar. But there are differences in different measurements. There are those measuring in bulk and those measuring in working pressure. For those who want an efficient machine and have the mycical to wash, the work pressure is the most interesting. It should preferably exceed 120 bar. If there is only a small need to be covered with the high pressure wash, it will suffice with a machine that can handle about 100 bar. It is the pressure that the beam itself gets. But it's not just the performance of the machine that determines how efficient the high pressure is. The nozzle design should be suitable for the laundry to be carried out and a high water flow is required to make the surface clean - and it may vary. Therefore, the nozzle should be able to be replaced as needed. It also allows the machine to last longer. The nozzle sometimes has a tendency to break, and if it can be replaced, it will not be much trouble.

Hot or cold water

A high pressure washer for hobby use is connected directly to the tap and to an electrical outlet. Whoever wants to wash with warm water simply turns the hot water to the laundry. Higher pressure washers for professional use can self-heat the water, next to the boiling point. These are called hot water washers and are mostly used in industries and agriculture. These professional machines hold a completely different price level, and are machines that are often a bit advanced for home use. In the vast majority of cases, an ordinary electric high-pressure wash for cold water is excellent. Somewhat unusual, but as effective, are the gasoline-powered options. However, they sound more and less environmentally friendly.

High pressure washer nozzle

There is a variety of accessories for a high pressure wash. Above all, there is a mess of nozzles for different needs. Some rotate, which gives a higher effect. It may be good, but can also damage sensitive surfaces, such as painted sheets. There are also nozzles with brushes, special altar washers and rinsing pipes.

Detergent Holders

There are three types of detergent holders for high pressure washers. Some have a built-in tank, others have a loose container on the machine. A third variant is that the machine has only an extra hose that can be placed in an external detergent container. The first two are usually preferred, as the detergent automatically accompanies a high pressure reload.

Durability and quality

The quality of the high pressure washer on the market is different. Although most promise around, there are those who keep thin. The effect decreases in the worst specimens just hours after the first use, and many begin to leak both oil and water after intensive use. This is because the material does not hold the high pressure. For example, steel reinforced hoses are preferred. Cheaper alternatives also often have a fairly limited effect, too, initially, which limits the amount of dirt that can be removed by high pressure laundry. This is how it's really worth investing in a quality brand, which in itself costs a little more. In the long run, these machines last the year - year after year.

The ease of use of the high pressure laundry

Different high pressure washers are also easy to use and easy to use. The importance can be of great importance in some situations. If the high pressure washer is to be moved frequently, it must be relatively light in its weight. The hose and nozzle should also be used if the machine is used frequently. The cord and water hoses should be easy to roll on the high pressure wash and with large wheels they can easily be moved around where they are needed.

The handles should be ergonomically designed and have easy-to-access buttons. A smart detail is also if there is additional space for multiple handles on the machine. As most high pressure washes on the market actually do their job pretty well, it may be worthwhile to look a little extra on the usefulness of a purchase. It can make a big difference in the laundry experience, regardless of pressure.

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