Are you thinking of building an entrance roof? Here you will get good tips on entrance roofs when choosing or building an entrance roof or screen roof for your house.

Entrance roofs, great tips for building and selecting screen roofs

Entrance roofs, great tips for building and selecting screen roofs

Those who do not have a piano show to offer their visitors can still get a protective screen roof with a simpler entrance ceiling. These ceilings are also excellent drip protection for doors that are not mainly used as entrances, such as patio doors and kitchen doors. They are also decorative and welcoming above a door that is used as an entrance.

Entrance roofs and materials

An entrance roof can come in a variety of variants. Those who want full light at the entrance can choose an entrance ceiling in acrylic. It protects well against wind and weather. It also makes the polycarbonate option, even a durable and glass-like material. Many models with transparent material have a modern and elegant design, but still do well in an older house thanks to the shape of the ski. With ductile plastic as a material in combination with acrylic glass to the entrance roof, a more solid character is given to the construction. Then water extractors can also be built-in. Plates are also commonly used. It gives a timeless impression and is very durable. Entrance ceilings in sheets will be available in a variety of colors and shapes.


Shape varies in infinity. There are everything from arched to completely straight varieties, as well as saddle roof models and sloping. The ceiling for the ceiling is often stainless steel, but other materials are also used, for example aluminum and hard plastic. Entrance ceilings with ductile and acrylic in combination give a steady and embossed impression. There, the frame will often be built downwards, which further builds the entrance.

Buy and Assemble

Entrance ceilings in the finished condition are relatively expensive to buy. On the other hand, the comfort and welcome feeling is very high. An alternative is always to build on your own in wood, or in any other material that matches the design of the house. An entrance roof that is bought ready, on the other hand, is usually very easy to install. All that is required is to screw them into the wall of the wall at the right height. It requires more accuracy than knowledge of construction sites. It is important that the mounting becomes firm and durable, so that any snowy snow does not affect the design.

Light at the entrance

It is worth thinking about a little extra light when mounting an entrance roof. The transparent ceiling can give reflections that interfere with the lighting is not properly adjusted for the new protection. It can also make roof tiles. Some ceilings have built-in lighting. It provides a practical and nice solution. Otherwise, it is necessary to test the lighting when the ceiling is mounted which is the best.

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