An entrance staircase in concrete, stone or wood? Here you will find good tips about outdoor stairways in concrete, stone and wood when choosing an exterior staircase for your house.

Entrance stairs in concrete, stone or wood outdoors

Entrance stairs in concrete, stone or wood outdoors

An entrance staircase can consist of a few simple steps, alternatively being of a longer model - as required. Common to all of them is that they contribute to the first impression of the home, as they literally adorn the front of the house. In addition, they need to be stable structures that really work out.

Concrete stairs

The choice of materials for the entrance staircase is one of the choices that need to be made when a new staircase to the entrance is required. Usually the staircase is made of concrete, stone or wood. The concrete staircase is a solid construction that lasts a long time. The staircase fits just as well to the wooden house, as well as to the stone house. Concrete is also a relatively inexpensive material, making the concrete staircase a favorite among the entrance stairs. It is usually cast in place.

The concrete staircase does not have to be gray and boring. They can really make a beautiful entrance to the house, if the style and width are adapted to the house the staircase is intended to decorate. Firstly, the staircase can be sewn and it can have optional surface coatings. Some concrete staircases come completely through-painted, making them completely maintenance-free. Many choose to lay beautiful natural stones as the surface layer on the stairs. The stone needs to be around 25-30 mm and fastened with staple mass. It gives a solid and beautiful impression. Of course, a clean and uneven concrete staircase can be beautiful.

The disadvantage of a concrete staircase is that if it is not maintained, it can break out of ice and frost over the years. A small crack can lead to deep wounds in the stairs. Especially if the homeowner is salting on the stairs. Tösalt is the biggest enemy of the concrete. It requires action so that the entire staircase does not tear apart. It is important that the concrete staircase is cast in the right material and that it is as frost-proof as possible.


The stentrapper is a solid and stylish construction that lasts forever. Natural stones of various kinds have a very beautiful color and appearance, which is all right in an entrance staircase. With smaller model natural stones, shorter entrance stairs can easily be built in any shape and color. With the blockstone the staircase becomes sturdy and stylish. Then the massive blocks are laid on a sand bed. This type of stairway will be very exclusive, and will also cost you accordingly. On the other hand, the solid stone staircase is also very durable.

Wooden stairs

The stairs that are the easiest to build yourself are the classic wooden staircase. Naturally, it is usually best suited for a wooden house, but in some cases a wooden staircase can even adorn a stone house. The wooden staircase is very simple to build in different designs and styles, depending on the taste and taste. They are usually built of loose wood, to match height and width as required. It is important that the wooden staircase is given a solid anchorage so that it stays steady in all weather, and regardless of load. With a skilled carpenter, the wooden staircase can take almost any shape.

The biggest disadvantage of a wooden staircase is that it requires continuous maintenance. This applies regardless of whether it is oiled or painted. The life expectancy is also somewhat limited. Weather and wind work hard on the structure of the wood and the loadability of the construction, however well maintained. But when a wooden staircase is easy to replace, a change does not cost a lot of money.

Size and shape of the entrance stairs

A generous entrance staircase gives an inviting impression. With wide steps and plenty of space, the staircase can also be a place for prickly plants, for anyone who wishes. Depending on how long the stairs need to be, a resting plan may be appropriate. A plan of rest is a major step that allows for a little break in the climb. A wide area just outside the entrance also gives room for the provision of shoes and other items that are going out of or into the property. For longer stairs, the handrails are needed. The rails are usually made of wood or cast iron.

Doing yourself or hiring a craftsman

A new entrance staircase makes the house. However, the cost of replacing an entrance stairway differs significantly depending on the size of the staircase and the material of which the staircase is made. A smaller and easier staircase becomes even cheaper as it can be built on its own. In any case, for the one who is reasonably handy. However, the larger entrance stairs will be the hottest if a skilled worker performs the work. This work is rootless.

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