Facade Pads and Lime Pain for Pour Facades. Here you will find valuable tips for facade refinement of KC-stained facades.

Facade Pads - Lime Pain

Facade Pads - Lime Pain

Limestone color is a further development of the classic calcareous color and is often referred to as KC color. It is used primarily on facade that has lime cement use, but also attaches to some other materials. It gives a beautiful luster to the house façade and is a relatively inexpensive color.

The lime paint developed in the 1940s and has largely replaced the traditional lime color. The reason for the color development was simply that builders realized that the lime paint did not attach particularly well to the new powders that were then used. More and more cement was mixed into the well.

Content and properties

The content of the lime color is lime, white cement and pigment. The pigs are almost always natural and sometimes ballast is included as dolomite in the color. KC color is water soluble and attaches through a chemical reaction with the substrate. The lime color has the advantage that it breathes properly. This allows moisture in the pit to penetrate and reduces the risk of the pit being damaged by the frost.

Painting with lime cement paint

As with lime staining, it is very important that the entire facade be painted at once. Otherwise, there is a high risk of clear joints. However, no fading of the facade is needed to paint with KC colors. The paint should be painted in thin layers and in a couple of three rounds to cover well. Never paint in direct sunlight. When the façade is finished paint it should be kept moist to allow the paint to dry well. Always use protective clothing when using lime cement paint. The color may cause skin damage. Also, protect the windows well during painting. Limestone color tends to etch the glass.

Advantages of KC color

A lime cement paint has a long shelf life and fits better than, for example, a lime paint on most putty facades containing some form of lime cement. The color is a pure natural product, which has no major impact on the local or global environment and is quite cheap to buy. The calcium color can be painted even in fairly cold weather, which is not the color of the lime.

KC color disadvantages

It can be difficult to get a even and beautiful result of painting with lime cement paint. It flames easily and needs multiple strokes to provide a good and lasting result. It is important to be careful during the painting. Lime color that can cause skin damage to the skin during work. It is important to protect yourself well during painting. A major disadvantage of limestone paint is also that it is affected by acid rainfall.

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