Foundations on a fireplace? Here you will find tips on fireplaces and good to know about different options or whether you are going to choose a stove for your stove.

Fireplace - Worth knowing about different options

Fireplace - Worth knowing about different options

Few things are so homely in the fall as a fireplace where a fire explodes. The stove itself is often beautiful, which contributes to the home crowd. It also emits some heat, but how much depends a lot on the design of the stove. With a fireplace in the fireplace, the stove is both beautiful and efficient.

Murade Fireplaces

Older fireplaces are often made of bricks. Sometimes they are sown, sometimes not. They were in almost every home because there were not so many other options for the heating of the house. Today, there are more who put in stoves than walled fireplaces. It depends both on the cost and that the stoves are good much more effective in creating heat. The walled fireplaces that are installed are often called murders, made of leca or any other handy material. Tiles are seen as quite exclusive.

Modern fireplaces

Modern fireplaces are also quite well adapted to today's requirements for heating. They are more or less built like a hybrid between the fireplace, the tiled stove and the stove. The body itself is sturdy with stone, which can store heat, and the fireplace consists of an element reminiscent of a stove. The appearance is, however, primarily in the form of a fireplace.


The reason why the modern fireplaces are like hybrids is that the old type is unfortunately not very effective in heating. Sometimes even the fires in the old fireplace can cause a house to cool down. This is due to the fact that large parts of the hot air that is generated exit through the chimney. It creates a draft in the house that can lead to a cooling effect instead of a heat output. But it's a small means to create a good heat source of the old beautiful fireplace. It is about putting in an effort. With the insert, the fireplace becomes more like a stove than a classic fireplace. The beautiful appearance and feel and sight of a crackling fire in the stove remains.

Chimney-free fireplaces

All fireplaces do not need to be connected to chimney plugs. There are a variety of chimney-free stoves powered by electricity, ethanol or gas. In any case, these give a part of the myth factor at a fraction of the price for a real masonry stove. The disadvantage, however, is that none of these chimney-free options are cooked with real woodwood. It does not make the same scent and crackling of these stoves. The fire with gas or ethanol also costs a slant more than the wood, especially for the one who else can take care of.

Mura a fireplace

A brand new fireplace is a big investment. It needs to be built from the ground, stone for stone, or at least part by piece. Modern fireplaces often come in leca kits or similar materials, which makes it easier for the person to build the stove. No matter how big the parts are, it's important that the stove gets completely dense and fireproof. For the sake of accuracy, many choose to hire a professional mason for the work. This is root-deductible. A professional installer can often also help to raise the floor from below so that the fireplace can stand on the floor. It's not just building up the stove and hoping for the best. The heavy construction then gets the floor to give way. Due to the heavy weight, building permits are also required from the municipality.

All new fireplaces and fireplaces require building permits or building registration. This also applies if you install or replace your existing brass cassette or stove insert that can lead to changed heating conditions and flue gas temperatures or any other change in the fireplace function. You can apply to the Stadsbyggnadskontor in your municipality.

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