What is a footer? Here you will find tips on what the footplate is and what it has for the roof and water drainage of the house.

Footplate - An Important Folding Bracket

Footplate - An Important Folding Bracket

Let's look at what the footplate is and what it's for function. The footplate is a sheet metal mount that sits down the ceiling at the hanger and is bent down the hanger.

The footplate has an important task:

The footplate should prevent water from flowing behind the hanger in heavy rain. In heavy rain rainwater bounces out of the hanger and flows over the hanger to the façade. The roots in the roof foot can also start to rot.

Similarly, if the hanging troughs are full of debris, it prevents water from flowing into the drain pipes. This can damage both the roof foot and the façade. Despite the important function of the footplate, many people do not have this important bracket.

Price and assembly

The footplate costs about 84 kr the runner to buy and sell in two meters. The footplate should be nailed under the roofing pad. This means that you must remove the cardboard and heal where the footplate is to sit, the old skin and the roof top that you remove, you can not reuse. It is destroyed in connection with the removal. This means that you must acquire a cardboard purchase price of 15 - 30 kr per square meter, as well as carrying 20-25 kr per square meter.

Bird list

When mounting the footplate it is wise to also mount a bird list that prevents birds from pulling up sticks and the like under the boilers.


This job is deductible, so you can deduct 30% of the labor cost.

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