Garden chair of wood. Here you will find tips on garden chairs with awning fabric and make instructions for replacing the awning fabric on the garden chair.

Garden chair - Change awning on the garden chair

Garden chair - Change awning on the garden chair

Most garden furniture is complemented with padded cushions. An exception is the traditional and folding chair with awning fabric in a wooden frame. After a few years, the chair is usually pale and worn while the frame is still good. Change to a new and fresh fabric and the chair will be new again. It's not hard to change the fabric on the garden chair. However, it is important that you choose a sufficiently strong fabric that can withstand an adult. The fabric should also withstand light and friction well and be color resistant.

The most obvious choice is awning fabrics that are available in several grades, widths and pattern positions. This fabric can handle all the stresses of the garden chair very well. Another and often also slightly cheaper option is a fabric in heavy cretaceous. Shelf life is usually shorter with such fabric, but it fits perfectly with the garden chair.

Before buying the fabric, make sure that the quality you choose is suitable for use and that the fabric is shrink free. If you choose a shrink fabric, you should wash the fabric before cutting, stapling and nailing it in the chair frame. When replacing fabric, check that the wood frame is solid and stable. Make sure that all fastening screws are tightened. Replace all rusty fasteners with new ones - preferably zinc plated. Even if any of the transverse rounds need to be replaced, this repair will be cheaper than discarding the old garden chair.

Cut the old bar right next to the frame strips and drill out the remains of the bar with a drill and drill steel in the appropriate dimension. Then just sow a new bar to the right length, put it in the drilled holes and glue it with the wood. Put the garden chair in tension and let the glue dry.

Before you nail the fabric, it's good if you also give the wood a little maintenance. Clean and brush the entire frame before covering or oiling all wood.


Garden furniture is often exposed to moisture. To prevent moisture from penetrating through the open caps, you can impregnate with a special wood preservative.

It is especially important that the legs are treated. Pour the impregnation liquid into sheet metal cans or the like and put the stools in them for a few days. When the wood is saturated with the liquid, the wood is effectively protected throughout the season.

Here you will need to change awning fabric on an old garden chair:

Hammers, Screwdriver, Hoist, Pencil, Chalk and Scissors,

Awning fabric or heavy cretaceous, Shrink free and extra strong sewing thread.
Replace wicker fabric on the garden chair.

1. Carefully remove all nails with screwdriver and hammer . Be careful not to damage the circular bar.

2.Then pull the nails out as straight as possible. Use a hoist and possibly a wooden block as an anvil for better support under the pliers.

3.Use the old fabric as a template template. Mark the mat of the new fabric and possibly add to the length of the fastener. Cut with a sharp scissor.

4.If you have not got the right width, the sides of the long sides should be folded in and the edge will be hidden. Thread before sewing with shrink-free thread.

5.Fast the fabric on the top of the garden chair with cardboard nail. Keep in mind that the bracket should then be covered with a further lap of fabric. Pre-drill and fasten from the center and outwards.

6.Wak the fabric one more turn around the top of the garden chair so that the fabric stays firm and the structure becomes more stable.

7.Speak 5 cm apart along one rod and fasten the fabric temporarily on the other. The fabric should be stretched when the chair is folded.

8. The rolling rod on the lower edge of the garden chair is sometimes slightly shorter. Fold in the fabric so that it narrows against the bracket. Spike as before.

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