Building garden staircase of concrete slabs? Here you will find tips as well as description and instructions with explanatory photographs for the garden staircase.

Staircase of concrete slabs

Staircase of concrete slabs

In natural hilly gardens or in plants where, for example, filling masses have created level differences, stairs are important elements - both practical and aesthetic. Stairs are often missing because the owner is anxious for the actual stairway building. You simply think that it's not a do-it-yourself job without having to hire a craftsman.

A beautiful garden is not just flowerwork, greenery and well-kept lawns. It also has hedges, walls, balconies, water mirrors and maybe stairs - all depending on the nature of the soil. Today's gardens are almost always based on the principle that they somehow mimic nature. The stone party, the bush cake, the mixed discount are all examples of this. Nevertheless, we can of course not assume that in the small-garden garden we control the nature more or less hard, and partly - not least because of the limited space - struggling with planted and sown plants. To mitigate this abrasion, we are forced to build gates, balconies, support walls and stairs or staircases.

Just stairs are particularly important because we otherwise stamp up spontaneous so-called costumes. When you do it in, for example, a sled, wear is harder than on other ground. This can easily be noted because it is always hard to take up both down and downhill than on flat ground.

If anybody in a family also searches for their own favorite level, the beauty spots can be so annoying that the otherwise beautiful plant completely losing its charm. Whoever goes to build garden stairs does it with some right. Just that type of facility often requires greater accuracy than others. The staircase should not only withstand constant jumping, but also manage toughening climate change. Here, as in most other contexts, underwork is A and O. Slarvar one with it, the risk is that the staircase will be a ruin even after the first winter.

Unfortunately, this quality requirement is often interpreted as the fact that garden stairs must be exclusive. The truth is rather that stairs of simple materials are preferable. The main thing is, therefore, that the staircase is not visible without it functioning. That's why you can very well add garden stairs to regular concrete slabs - without having to be ashamed. The concrete material also makes the construction work so much simpler and less weary than if you use whole granite and stony stones, which weigh so much that you rarely manage the job on your own.

This is what you need when building a garden staircase :

Spade with straight cut (1) Spade with pointed cut (2)
Spit (3) Skyffel (4) Light handspread (5) Murslev (6) Tumstock (7) Water pass ) Murarhink (9) Screwdriver

Concrete Plates, Filling Stone, Coarse Gravel, Cutting Edge, Cement Use.

7. Support the way forward with more gravel. Add new set sand or cement use and build on the stairs step by step.


Most garden stairs are built in sleds, but too many suffer from the serious mistake they have been made to the sled or slope of instead of this. If that is possible, a garden staircase should therefore be lowered in relation to the ground area. It will look more beautiful and even more stable. The recess also makes it easier to frame the stairs with low bushes or perennials.

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