Gates for your garden. Which gate should you choose? Which gate is the best? Buy a completed gate or build yourself? The questions are many before the election. Here you will find great tips on grids, wooden gates and sliding gates and what to consider when choosing a gate for your garden.

Garden Gates - Choosing a wooden gate or sliding gate? Tips

Garden Gates - Choosing a wooden gate or sliding gate? Tips

Gates had a much greater significance earlier than it currently has. To protect the cultivation plots from grazing creatures, both fences and gravel structures were governed in the laws of old times. In the Östgötalag building bar, the following is said about gates: "You are going to set a gate for Gärdesgårdsled so that it goes inwards and not outwards. Sitting a gate differently, he fined six ears and rewarded the damage. If someone does not have a gate in his joints, he fined six ears and blamed the damage. "

Gates to your home are not surrounded today by any special rules, but it is important that the gate has stable gate posts and the appearance and features that you

Buying a completed gate or building yourself?

Most gates are manufactured and built in wood, and the most common thing is that the homeowner himself stands for design and design even though it is becoming more common to buy ready-made gates.

Wooden gates fit most of the buildings and therefore do not just match a wooden roof. A beautiful wooden gate also fits perfectly for, among other things, stone wall and lush hedge.

Other common grind materials are wrought iron and aluminum with mesh filling. If you choose a sliding gate, you can turn to a craftsman or smith to order and make a ready-made sliding gate. Then you can also get house numbers and / or your monogram recessed in the gate's filler.

You can usually make a grid with a standard order from the manufacturer of the grid. Although this category type is most common in combination with the grid, you can also put it in other casings.

Practical Gates

If the gatehole is already "given", you should first think about what "traffic" is going to pass through the gate. You need a slightly wider passage if you are to regularly cross the wheelbarrow, some other gardening tools or cycle through the gravel hole. If you plan for a car seat on the site, you should start a wide entrance with double gates from the outset.

As the gate is the first to meet your guests, the design also has a certain meaning. A gate with arrow-shaped spikes can give a hostile impression while A soft U-rounded oven is more inviting. Small radish gardens are often fenced with high shelves. If you put an equally high "gate" in the gatehole, you will certainly not understand, but you also show an unwelcome "face" outward. A lower gate also fits nicely with the shelf while giving a more welcoming impression.

When making the gate, keep in mind that it will be stable to withstand its own weight and the external stresses it will be exposed to . Heavy wooden gates should therefore be tapered and possibly also provided with other corner reinforcements. An important basic principle for gates with standing and lying gaps is that the groove should be attached to the lower edge of the hinge side and at the upper edge of the handle.

Before opening the door, determine whether it should be opened inward or outward. You will not be fined if it goes in the wrong way, but it can create big practical problems that you will have to change the hangout afterwards.

Wooden Gates

Wooden gates can be made with any of these three underlying foundations . The wooden gate at the far left is used when the gate is to be dressed with standing spades. The body in the middle is intended for lying cams while the far right is the frame of a frame gate with stuffed. The shaded fields show the supporting parts on the wooden gates.

Different types of gates

Gates with network fill are most common with the network ceiling. This gate has a surface layer that minimizes maintenance.

Gates with standing splints are common. The slats have the same shape as the fence, with an arc shape at the gate.

Sliding doors fit most of the slopes. It is more expensive, but stable and has a long service life if you maintain it carefully.

Frame gates with stuffing are "old-fashioned" and beautiful. It can be designed in many ways, but requires more work by the carpenter.

In the right environment, wooden gates made with a little imagination make a beautiful and inviting entrance.

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