Hammock or hammock in the garden, or maybe both? Here you will get good tips before choosing hammock or hammock for the garden.

Hammock or Hammock? Tips for the choice

Hammock or Hammock? Tips for the choice

The beloved hammock began to appear in the Swedish public home in the 1960s. Since then, it has been a great favorite for many, not least thanks to its many features. It can equally be used for lazy moments with a good book, like at a dinner table. The hammock, which symbolizes the holiday and the freedom to rest, is a somewhat older resting place with shipping from the sea.

Both a hammock and a hammock give many of us talks about the warm and beautiful summer where there is peace and quiet to rest and just existed. They symbolize the beautiful greenery and freedom, and are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. In Sweden, a hammock is a sofa that can be swung, while a hammock as a hanging resting place. It may be worth knowing that what we call hammock and the English call hammock is not the same at all. In England, a hammock is a hammock! So it's about not getting confused by the concepts.

The beautiful hammock

The most common materials in a hammock are wood or steel. The sofa is almost always triangular. The bottom of the couch as well as the back is made of wooden ribs or a grid of steel wires or. The roof is made of plastic or fabric. The cushions often need to be purchased. There are plenty of different models of hammocks. Those with high backs are often more comfortable than those with low backs. Duvet is needed for the hammock to be comfortable and comfortable. A hammock is doing well in a sitting area around a table. The vast majority of hammocks can be locked in one position, and then make up something like a regular couch.


The hammock is too synonymous with holidays, lazy days and beautiful summer moments. The classic hammock is a simple construction of a wide fabric with short side fasteners. It is tensioned between two trees and is made of fabric. The principle of how a hammock has not changed in recent years. But it has the design and materials. Today there is a wealth of materials to choose from, ranging from sailcloths to nets in natural or synthetic materials. There are also plenty of different solutions for the suspension in the form of a tripod. The frames that can be made of wood or metal make the hammock adjustable wherever it is flat.

Keep in mind

All swivel sitting and lying arrangements must be safe for children so that they do not tip. Make sure the product you choose is stable and functional, except that it is beautiful and comfortable. Betting on quality before price increases the chance that the hammock or hammock will last for a long time, and it will hold the pressure and wear that occurs during use. Most hammocks are delivered in parts and need to be mounted on site. Be sure to tighten all parts according to the instructions properly and apply the screws.

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