Here you will find good tips on epoxy paint and what to consider when choosing and painting with hardened 2-component paint on the floor, wood floor or the boat. You buy hardened colors they are packaged in two cans. Through a chemical process cure - which starts when you mix the right amount of contents into the cans, you get a hard surface layer that is more durable and more durable than usual color types. Another term on these chemically drying color systems are two-component colors. The main

Hardening colors and two-component epoxy paint

Hardening colors and two-component epoxy paint

Many paints and lacquers contain hard solvents, but one Trying to abandon these funds more and more, and instead develop solid and strong water-based curing systems. The most used two-component colors contain epoxy, polyurethane or urea binders. Properties differ slightly depending on the composition and amount of the adhesive, but the principle of curing is the same.

The chemical reaction can be easily described using hooks and loops. 200 loops in one can and the same number of hooks in the other may represent harsher and color / varnish. When you mix hooks and loops, they form a whole strong chain. If you follow the instructions when mixing a two-component color, you also get even numbers of loops and hooks.

However, if you "improvise" the mix, you can get an excess of, for example, the hooks and the chain can not get hot. A blemish mixed two-component color does not meet the requirements for strength and durability that are required. Epoxy and polyurethane paints have quite similar properties. There are even colors that contain both of these binders to take advantage of their best features. These include high resistance to alkali, water, oil, grease and good adhesion and abrasion resistance.

The requirement that color systems of this type should cure and dry properly is that it is not too cold as long as the process is in progress. Most two-component colors should not be exposed to cooler temperatures than + 15oC, but this may vary. Therefore, check what conditions are required for the color you are going to use. Two-component lacquers with urea as binders are acid-curable, for example with hydrochloric acid as harder. These lacquers, which become very hard, are used primarily when lacquering wood floors.

When using acid-curable lacquers on pine, the color of the wood can be slightly affected. The nucleus becomes a bit reddish, but eventually changes to a brighter shade. You can mitigate these shifts in color by first priming the surface. If you use acid-curable paint on, for example, some varieties of book and smoked oak, you should also coat with a special varnish. These woods are sometimes treated in such a way that the chemical reaction - the cure is disturbed.

A curing color that you have mixed to yourself is only useful for a certain period of time. Because usage times vary greatly depending on the composition of the paint, please read the instructions carefully before you begin. Most of the two component colors that the home gauge comes into contact with are useful for 2-24 hours, but there are colors that can not be used after half an hour.

Boat owners usually use two-component colors, boat lacquer for the maintenance of the hull. > Floors subjected to severe wear, such as in the garage or laundry room, should be painted with a two-component color.

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