Which hedge trim should you choose? Which hedge trimmer is best? Petrol powered, electric or battery powered hedge trimmer? Here you will find tips on operation, handling, knives on hedge trimmer and safety as well as tips for choosing gasoline powered electric or battery-powered hedge trimmers.

Hedge trimmer - Tips and good to know about hedge trimmers

Hedge trimmer - Tips and good to know about hedge trimmers

A smooth and easy-to-use motor-driven hedge trim facilitates the hard work of keeping the garden shells in good condition. For many, the hedges on the plot are a pride that should be cared for well. That means at least one total cut per season. By hand, it means many hours of wear.

Even the one who may not care so much, needs to have a garden shed every now and then. It can cause traffic jams if it grows out the street and obscures the view.

Operation and Capacity

Hedge trimmers can be powered or petrol driven. Those who want to drive cordlessly often get a handy machine that can handle smaller jobs. They are also relatively safe to use as there is no cord that can be cut off. The problem is, of course, that the battery runs out and then the machine must be recharged before further work can be done.

The most common scissors among gardeners are the electrical ones that are connected to an electrical outlet. These are available in several different dimensions and effects. It also makes the gas-powered hedge trimmers. Really strong and flexible machines are often petrol driven, and they generally also cost a lot more.

But there are powerful electric axes that also meet the requirements that a gardener generally has in terms of capacity.

How are they handle?

One of the most important factors in choosing a hedge trimmer is ease of use. A heavy and awkward hedgehog becomes quick to work with. It not only takes pleasure in work, but can also cause wear and tear and accidents.

A good hedge trimmer should have a good balance and feel easy to hold. Ideally, handles should be adapted to the grip that feels best for the user, and be provided with a soft surface for best grip.

A hedge trimmer should not weigh more than necessary. Then it becomes really difficult if the cutting takes place at heights or for a long time. At the same time it should be strong enough to cope with the branches to be cut.

Weight and Vibration

Because the power is often in engine size, the most efficient machines often have a greater weight. In many cases, therefore, it will weigh the effect on ease of handling to find the machine that fits in the individual case. Those who only need to shred the hedge and cut thin branches make the right effort to bet on a easy-to-use and slightly less efficient machine.

But it's not just the weight and the grip that determines how user-friendly hedge trimmer is. Some machines vibrate more than others and they can cause body abrasions, as the body must tense against vibrations. Another important detail is the noise level.

However, electric powered hedge trimmers can have a relatively high noise level, which can interfere with both housing and neighbors.


How big branches can be used as a hedge trimmer? Cutting is partly due to the distance between the blades in the blade and the quality of the steel that the knives are made of.

In some cases, the machines do not handle the roughness indicated on the product, and if it is an important factor in the choice, it may be good to compare the blades between different brands to see which machine can handle the coarser branches. Some knives are laser cut or diamond grinded.

These knives generally sharpen longer and give a good cut on the branches. The risk of the hedgebreak chews decreases. This also applies to knives made of precision steel.


It is safe to handle a hedge trimmer. Always wear safety goggles and sturdy gloves. It is a requirement that the machine should at least be equipped with a dead man's grip. This means that the machine will stop if the user drops over the machine.

Most machines in the market have a safety feature, which means that two buttons must be kept depressed during the work. If the button stops the machine immediately, the user looses the grip. This is a good safety feature that reduces the risk of accidents.

Power Cord

If the hedge trimmer is powered by an electrical cord, there is a risk that the cord will be cut during cutting. One of the most important factors to avoid this is to work concentrated and to take many breaks. It is important to have a ground fault switch that blows out the cord or the machine is damaged in some way.

Most machines are also equipped with a strain loader to facilitate cord management during work. It prevents the cord from jumping out of its position. This strain loader should be seated so that the cord comes far from the blades. Some hedge trimmers are provided with so-called safety knives.

What is a bit depends on what the manufacturer specifies, but often means that the knives stay fast and / or rounded to reduce the risk of accidents.

Battery powered hedge trimmer

A battery-powered hedge trimmer does the job smoothly because you do not need to keep in mind that the power cord can hang out and risk cutting. A risk momentum less. The battery-powered hedge trimmers have also become competitive because lithium-ion batteries have become better.

It should be borne in mind that a battery-powered hedge trimmer is heavier than an older hedge trimmer but also lighter than the gasoline powered. The environmentally conscious hedge trimmer selects battery powered or electric hedge saws.

Choosing hedge saws

Power-driven hedge trimmers are common tools, and are therefore sold in most stores that provide some kind of gardening tools.

However, the difference between models and manufactures is a lot great. An efficient and good hedge trimmer often costs a few more crowns, but makes the work a lot easier. The high quality scissors can handle more and are often better-designed ergonomically.

How important this is versus the price depends on how often the scissors are used. Always go out of your own need before purchase. By asking the following questions, it is relatively easy to determine what type of machine is currently in use:

- How much does it really need to be cut and how rough branches are it?
- How often is the machine used?
- How
- Is it close to power outlets, so that an electric hedge trimmer will reach all the way?
- What does the hedge trim cost?


In order for a hedge trimmer Keep in mind it is important that it is maintained regularly. The knives need to be lubricated at regular intervals. The cord should also be checked regularly if the hedge trimmer is electric. Because a hedge trimmer is a tool that can easily cause accidents, it's extra important to check that the controls and knives work properly.

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