Check your house and discover the errors before it's late. Here you will find tips for reviewing the house, so you can maintain and avoid problems before it gets damage.

House View - Review House and Avoid Mistakes

House View - Review House and Avoid Mistakes

There is a lot of things that can be wrong in a house. Often the errors are detected when it happens and most of us fix the problems as they arise. But you can also avoid a lot of problems. For starters, things are done right from the start. Then they need to be properly maintained. To keep clean on the roofs, walls and in the hanger, a homeowner comes a long way. To ensure that installations in the house occur professionally and to properly care for their property in general is obvious. Then it is necessary to inspect what may not be so easy at regular intervals. Take the habit of going home and through the house at least once a year. It's worth it in the long run.

The roof outside

All houses need a tight roof. To see how the ceiling feels it is important to actually get up on the ceiling on a regular basis. Roof tiles can be loose, screws can loosen in plates, sheet metal and cardboard can get holes and cracks. These measures can often be solved easily and quickly - if detected in good time. Also, take the habit of going through the trenches when the roof is crossed through. Remove leaves and twigs so that the water can flow freely from the ceiling.

The roof inside

The winds should be accessible at least through a gap, no matter how small the wind is. By going up to the wind and checking how the raw box looks, every homeowner gets a good insight into whether the roof needs to be fixed or not. As long as it's bright and fresh, it's no problem with the roof. If there are discoloration in the wood, it indicates that there is probably poor ventilation. This problem arises most often if an additional insulation has taken place in the house. The insulated extra is therefore a good option to check this extra carefully during the time of isolation.


Ventilation is a and o for a healthy house and healthy inhabitants. If one or more people start to suffer from allergic problems or feel tired and hanging out for an unexplained reason, it is high time to carefully check the ventilation. It is also good to periodically go through mechanical ventilation. Filters may need to be replaced. The person who has self-sufficiency in the house should peek through all the valves and see that neither of them is clogged, and that there is indeed an airflow in the room. For example, in bathrooms, it is easy to put a paper against the vent hole and see if it gets stuck. Then there's enough pull in the valve.

Water drainage

How the water drainage around the house can be hard enough to find out. Although no apparent moisture damage is visible on either ground or house, insufficient drainage can cause damage to the house in the long run. It is quite expensive to have a look at the house for moisture damage, but sometimes it is necessary. It is also good to periodically go through the ground and rainfall to be on the safe side. Make sure no plants threaten the house and keep them away from scratch altogether. Check if the water wells are doing well and make sure they are not clogged. Be sure to follow the water's course when it is raining properly. Will it puddle somewhere or "kippy" in the field? Then it's a worrying sign.


The facade is the house's protection from the wind and wind. It is important that the paint layer covering the facade is intact. If the color starts to flake, or is flammable, it is a sign that something needs to be addressed. If you have a paved facade, it is important to review damage to the ducts and drain pipes to ensure proper water drainage. Otherwise, there is a risk that you may suffer from damage caused by an ongoing phase renovation. The presence of algae and mold is also a sign that the facade needs to be taken care of. As long as the color stays complete, it is possible to wash off mold and algae. It prolongs the life of the facade. Take a little extra on the end wood if you live in a wooden-facade house. Even there, painting needs to be done, so that moisture does not creep into the shelf. Other weak points are north sides, around windows and gates.

Wet space

Even though a bathroom is completely built up, moisture is generated. The dental and dental use of the time is done with the surface layer. Cracks in the tile and joints that loosen need to be fixed as soon as possible. It does not mean that the entire bathroom will be completely renovated. It is possible to replace individual plates and to replace where necessary. Wet mats need to be well attached. If a slipper occurs or if the wet carpet is damaged, the entire moisture barrier will also be damaged in the wet room. This can cause major and expensive damage to the house.

The smell

The smell in a house tells a lot about the condition in which the house is. The problem is, however, that the person who lives in the house does not feel the smell in the same way as a guest does. It can therefore be impossible to smell your own house. Therefore, ask someone who is knowledgeable at home and who can help with the smell test. They do not have much time. It takes only seconds to get used to the one who is not really aware. If there is a smell, it is often because there is a moisture problem somewhere. Then proceed further where there may be somewhere. Odor can also occur because the ventilation is not as it should. Ensure that there are enough valves and that they are really open.

Water and electricity

Even the water, if taken from its own well, may need to be smell tested. Here too, someone who does not usually drink / use the water needs to be put to the test. The color is another important part of the water. It should be completely colorless. On the other hand, a water test is very valuable and costs only a few hundred items. It gives answers to whether the water is appropriate or not. It can be difficult for an individual to know how the electrical system is. But if there are indications that something is wrong, for example, that the plugs dissolve repeatedly, it's time to pull the electrician. Errors in the electrical system are a common burn hazard.

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