Has the freezer broken? Here you will find out what to do as the first action if the freezer breaks and good tips when contacting insurance companies.

If the freezer breaks - First action and good tips

If the freezer breaks - First action and good tips

It's easy to get panic if you come home after a holiday trip, for example, to discover that the freezer has been out of power a longer time. It's likely that it's so bad from the cabinet or box that you've got a thought in your head: to get the content as fast as possible.

But do not do it now! First call your insurance company and get the clearance. If you fail to speak with the insurance company, you may lose all or part of the compensation for which you have paid premiums.

Even when you know that you can take care of the spoiled goods, do not waste anything without noticing what You throw and preferably also the weight of the product or other measure. What you keep in a well-stocked freezer is often more than expected. It is food that can be of considerable value when you buy new. Therefore, you have a great deal of benefit from the notes when you fill in the insurance company's damage report.

It should contain information about what you had in the freezer when the accident occurred. A clear declaration is always better than a reasonable estimate. If you also know where you have collected the price information, the insurance company can easily assess the damage and pay the compensation faster.

The first action on the freezer is broken

1. Make sure the door / lid closes completely so that the cold contained in the goods does not sip.

2. Check if the power cut is due to the power plug disconnected.

3. Check that the controls are correctly set.

4. Check that the freezer fuse is full in the power supply.

5. Determine if a more extensive power outage has occurred.

6. Call your insurance company and call the repairer first.

Worth knowing

Never open a freezer or freezer cabinet unnecessarily.

Here are some guideline values ​​for how long frozen foods can be preserved:
Freezer Half-filled Well-stocked
100- 200 for 10-12 hours 20-24 hours
200-300 "15-18" 30-36 "
300-500" 20-24 "40-48".


Thank you to offer freezer insurance that comes with new cabinets and freezers. It will compensate you for broken food in case of power failure and malfunction. However, note that freezer insurance can be included in your home insurance. It is a good habit to make sure that the sealing strip in the freezer door or box lid is full.

It's freezing if

If you find out that your freezer has broken, no major damage is required. For example, if a power failure lasts for more than 12 hours, the goods are usually not damaged, provided the freezer is reasonably well-stocked and you do not open the cabinet or box.

A good way to save the contents is to prepare the goods - if It's practically possible - which tends to hurt and then freeze them back. Insert a thermometer into the freezer. When it shows +/- 0o it is high time to act. Large pieces of meat, which have tinted on the surface but are otherwise freeze-dried, can usually be frozen without risk.

But since such goods can not be kept for a long time, it is important to label the labels with "embroidery". Stretch berries and fruit in newsprint, and put them together with, for example, bigger frozen meat pieces, so the thin berries and the fruit are slower.


Ask your neighbor rooms they temporarily have space for food that risks thawing your broken freezer. Occasionally you can also rent a freezer compartment in a larger facility. Many freezer vendors and some repairers lend a replacement freezer or take care of your goods while waiting to get a new or repaired freezer delivered.

Worth knowing

Most foods that have only tinished on the surface can almost always be frozen again. But expect refreshed food always has poorer durability. Therefore, label the labels for such goods. Both freezers and freezers can last for many years, life expectancy is about 10 years. It is therefore advisable to replace an older freezer that has broken apart than to pay for a repair.


Fish and sausage that have started to thaw in a freezer that is not working should always be discarded, so never freeze. In these foods botulinum bacteria can develop and form the deadly poisoned botulinum toxin. Never place a discarded freezer for scrapping without first removing the lid or door. Children and animals may otherwise be locked!

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