Install a new bell on the front door? Here you will find explanatory photographs and description of how to install a doorbell on the front door.

Install a doorbell mount ring bell

Install a doorbell mount ring bell

All of our household appliances require some kind of review over time and after a number of years, they may even need to be replaced. But one of these household appliances - moreover one that may be used more often than most others - is so sure that we rarely devote it to thought - namely the doorbell!

There is seldom reason to replace the doorbell due to its worn out. However, it may have served out for other reasons. And then it's a simple game to replace it with a new one. There are electrical door bells that were mounted almost a century ago and, as yet, without proper maintenance, work impeccably. Elderly variants have hardly worse qualities than their modern counterparts. Also, the signal is connected to a transformer that reduces the power to 8-9 volts - the voltage required for the time to ring - do not forget to replace the batteries. However, as mentioned, there may be other reasons for replacing the old clock with a new one.

The cord may have been damaged during repair or maintenance and when you replace it, be sure to insert a new signal only for a variety of reasons . Perhaps you've been tired of the one-way ringtone and would rather be called the door of a more discreet summerton. Perhaps the eternal ding-dangling has begun to go on your nerves. Then a turn of the century may fall more in taste. Perhaps you hear the signal badly. This does not necessarily depend on hearing impairment, but can be done with the clock's location.

Most door bells sound in the hall or cloakroom, even though it is more convenient to get the signal further into the floor, perhaps in the kitchen. Just pulling a new wire, the problem is fixed. Did you think that a doorbell does not necessarily and always have to function as a doorbell?

Why not pull a ring line from the kitchen to the sleeping area upstairs? Then you only have to press the button to speed up the sleepers ... You can certainly find a signal that sounds nicer than the alarm clock!

This is what you need when installing a doorbell:

Hammers (1) Ev. Drilling Machine (2) Dorn (3) Screwdrivers (4) Bits (5)

Door Sign, Ring Connector, Two-piece Low Power Cord, Cable Terminals, Batteries.


1. Calculate the cable length.
2. Take any. remove old wires.
3. Select door signal.
4. Buy cable and clamps.


If you need to attach a cord, correct the signal or make another adjustment in a doorbell powered by the transformer, you must consider an important thing: Keep your fingers and tools on "Right" side of the transformer! The correct, that is, the harmless side is the output where the current is down to low current.

Or why not pull a ring line to a "reverse" door clock in the garden? A discrete signal for afternoon coffee, two for a tablecloth dinner table, three for a phone call ...

A practical question or taste. All types of door bells work with low current. If they are not powered by battery, they should be connected to a permanently installed transformer. It is very easy to change the doorbell. Actually, it is only the wiring that takes some time. The length of time depends on how far you pull the cable.

If the old wire is in good condition and the draw fits into the location of the new signal, you can of course keep it and only make new connections to the clock or ring connector. If, on the other hand, the cord is damaged or has been so long as the insulation has started to dry, do it wisely to tear it off and pull a new one.

A doorbell consumes so little power that you can very well choose a battery-powered type without risking too dense battery replacement. It is also one that we have chosen as "step mount" on the next card. If you select a signal to be connected to a transformer and any one is not already installed, you must contact a qualified electrician. To insert or replace the transformer is a work suitable for the person skilled in the art. On the other hand, you must connect the door signal wire to the transformer.

It may seem unnecessary to get a new door signal if the old one works, but with these, little details like wallpaper and plastic mats. When you watched, trampled and listened for a number of years, it may seem consumed without actually being.

It's time to switch to something new. If it is a new wall pattern, a new floor color or a new clock sound, maybe it's less important. Well, a new doorbell costs only a fraction compared to new wall and floor coverings. Before you buy a new signal, you should be aware of the type of signal you prefer. Is there just a new sound you want? Or do you need someone who sounds a little more or less subdued? And where should the signal be sitting so that you hear when it rings on the door even when the radio or TV is on?

Step by step to a new signal

1.If you're going to discard the old ring, you start by tear this out. Carefully work out
that you do not unnecessarily damage the wallpaper, for example.

2.Set the button switch on the wall to the door's locking side, which is the natural placement, to easily loosen the lining on the inside of the door frame.

3.Remove the signal connector. Should you replace this, cut it off the cable. If you want to keep it, then lighten the clips and pull out the cable.

4. Insert the new wire through the outlet for the pressure switch from inside the housing and out. If the insulation is poor, be sure to seal with eg mineral wool gear.

5.Scale the insulation on the two conductors of the cable and then attach them to the connector cable clamps. Tighten the screws so that the conductors are firmly attached.

6.Set the ring plug into place and tighten it. Pull the cable from the inside so that it stretches but do not pull so hard that it will tension.

7.Use the screwdriver and screw the wires into the socket. Tighten the screws tightly. Use the old nibbles if you want the button in the old place. Do not nail the cable.

8.Place the cord under the door lining and pull it further underneath the vertical part of the lining. With the watch placed above the door you will only get a small piece of visible cable.

9.Select another location for the clock, then pull the cable as invisibly as possible. Tighten it and fasten it with cable clips every 10 cm.

10. When you find a suitable place for the audio bag, attach it to the wall, pull out the cable, peel off the insulation and connect the wires according to the instructions.

11 . Now it just remains to put the battery or the batteries in place. Make sure you place the batteries in the correct direction, that is, check that the minus and plus pools are right.

12.If you install a cover on the watch, push or tighten it now. Be sure to place the clock so that you almost hear the signal wherever you are in the house.

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