Turning the siphon socket inward towards the facade can lead to moisture problems. Unscrew the scraper and turn the siphon so that the socket points outwards from the façade.

Mounting the siphon socket outwards and avoiding moisture problems

Mounting the siphon socket outwards and avoiding moisture problems

Many today have their siphon flaps facing inwards towards the façade. This can lead to moisture problems if you get stuck in the winter pipe, then the water can freeze to ice and blow the fissure. A dump pipe that leaks can cause the wall to bleed. This can, in turn, cause damage that can be expensive to fix. In addition, it is much more difficult to detect if a drip tube leaks when the socket is turned inward.

Easy to fix

The siphon bracket is called a sweep, and in the sweep is a small triangle called swift lock. Tap this folding lock to prevent damage to the sleeper lock, so you can use a piece of wood that you put against the scraper, after which you take a hammer and tap the wooden piece carefully. The swivel lock then releases the drain pipe. Then it is easy to twist the drain pipe so that the socket is facing outwards.

Keep in mind that the scraper must be taped upwards and that you may need to help keep the siphon pipe when you unscrew the scraper.

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