Foundations on insulating glass and energy efficient windows? Here you will find tips on insulating glass to choose the glass cartridge for your windows.

Insulating glass and glass cartridge - Tips for choosing

Insulating glass and glass cartridge - Tips for choosing

An economical and practical alternative to replacing the windows of a property is to instead add a glass or glass cassette or replace the entire glass. It can make an old untouched window well-insulated again and reduce noise that penetrates streets or playgrounds outside the house.

Economically with insulating glass

With a glass cartridge or an insulating glass as an addition inside the windows of the old window, the house becomes more well-insulated. The change itself is less expensive than replacing the entire window with frame and everything. At the same time, almost the same insulation effect is achieved, provided that the left-hand windows are well assembled and the whole. The more well-insulated window helps to keep the heat in the house better, resulting in reduced heating costs. Even the light emitting ability increases with new windows. When the light can fall through the window, the sun's rays also help keep the house warm and comfortable. In view of today's electricity prices, there is a reason to review the old double-glazed windows.


In many cases, it is not only the economy that affects the choice between replacing the entire window and installing a glass cartridge or one insulating glass for the window. Changing windows on a property affects the entire appearance of the facade, which is not always so nice. If it is difficult to find similar windows that the older house has, it may be a good idea to try to refurbish the existing windows instead, and complete with new glasses. This means that the house retains its character, and is not weighted down by modern windows. It is also unnecessary to replace an old-worn insulating glass window completely, just because the vacuum has been released into the glass section. Then it is both easy and convenient to replace the insulating glass. It makes a big difference, both in appearance (the window is clear again) and in the wallet.

Choosing a glass case

An extra glass, a glass cassette or clean sound insulation panes? There is a huge range for those who want to supplement or replace their existing window glass. Depending on the model, the glass is of a safety class, so it is not crushed at first, sun reflective, self-cleaning, silencing and / or with or without splashing. For a regular window facing a garden, rarely any extra strong or noise-absorbing glass is needed in the cassette. It costs extra, and then it is better to put on the windows that really need to be extra soothing. Windows that are facing well-trafficked roads or against other noisy areas may be suitable objects for this form of windows. Self-cleaning glass fits best in windows encountered by rainfall, as it is part of the cleaning process that does not require the glass to be sewn.

Glass cassette

A glass cassette comes as a whole about two or three windows in width. Between the glass there is a void that is gas-filled and the entire window is completely tight - a so-called insulating glass. The gas used is a bit different depending on the manufacturer, but common gases are argon, krypton and xenon gas. You can get a wide range of glass in a glass case and the quality can vary greatly between different models, as well as the guarantees available. Generally speaking, a glass cartridge is considered to last for twenty years. Then it needs to be replaced.

Extra Glass

Anyone who does not want to replace the entire cartridge or where it is difficult to do it, a single extra glass inside the window can be an option. This applies especially to really old double glazed windows, which are not made of insulating glass. These can be ordered by the glass master specially, and, like the glass in the glass cassette, come in a variety of variants. In some cases it may be a bit difficult to fit the window on the windows, but with the help of a glass master, it is possible to fix the most. Always consult a glass master if you are unsure. The work he does is also deductible if he makes sure the boxes come in place.

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