Oreda among the tools? Here you will find tips on keeping track of gardening tools and other tools for your garden and home.

Keep an eye on the tools - The Tips You Need

Keep an eye on the tools - The Tips You Need

It is not possible without many homeowners wishing not only the lawn mower but also hand tools like spades, grabs, rakes, foxes, chicks, spits, secateurs etc. could give sound and thus tell us where they were. Few everyday goods have the ability to operate as just land and gardening tools. But there are also several explanations:

The tools of this kind are always a bit bulky and spicy and therefore difficult to carry - and to store. It is thus easy to fall for the simple natural team, called the least resistance, and leave the gear in the workplace. Of course, all types of gardening tools are earthy when we use them, especially if we have a clay-rich garden soil. We do not want that land either into the garage or down the basement, so we carefreely leave the gear left to dry.

Inside, we probably do not get rid of drought or rainwashing. Rather, the dirt bites, but at least we have temporarily masked our bad conscience. Gardeners therefore benefit from a storage space for the gear. Unfortunately, many small houses do not have a lot of equipment shells, which means that we are really in need of space for the tools we sometimes need and those we use several times a week.

This misfortune causes us to be forced to store the landscaping tools in the garage too often . And there they almost always stand in the way, because they are rarely thought of as a storage room for both cars and gear. The only wise solution is to let the gear end up on the walls. If they are placed too low, the risk is high that they can be accessed with the car's bumper or rear view mirrors. And what happens when a spade or scratch rages down from the wall is not very difficult to figure out ...

Worth knowing

Some tool manufacturers manufacture full range of basic tools with special suspension devices for these. Sometimes one and the same shaft can be combined with several tools, which reduces storage problems. Nowadays there are removable gear holders, constructed like a kind of spike-like end, which runs down to the ground within easy reach of the workplace.

Build yourself a toolbod

Do not have a toolbod without interfering with car, lawn mower, spades, rakes and the water's longs in the garage, you should seriously consider whether you should not get one. Probably you can build it yourself - it does not have to be completed the same day you start. If the plot is large enough, the plot does not need to be either larger or more expensive than a simple so-called free throw. The main thing is that you get the tools you need for urgent groundwork and
for the power-driven gear, which is a necessity for many. If you can build the toolbox so big that you can also fit a simple workbench, it will pay off soon. For example, you can, for example, complete the autumn care of the mower, as well as the spring review of the snow hammock.

For smaller plots, a hose holder is usually enough to keep track of the hose. Place it so that the sun can not be damaged.

For larger plots with a few water outlets, the hose winding is more practical, because it is removable and can be fitted with a floor rack.

There are a variety of gear hooks. This type of galvanized iron and plastic-coated hook is more functional and fits most tools.

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