Kitchen Refurbishment Day? Here you will get 6 great tips when buying kitchen and planning for a successful kitchen renovation. Full renovation or budget?

Kitchen Refurbishment - Great Purchase and Planning Tips

Kitchen Refurbishment - Great Purchase and Planning Tips

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our home. They are not just a place for cooking, but also a room to enjoy and hang out in. This makes great demands on a kitchen that should be functional and embroidered.

A kitchen renovation can in principle cost how much and how little. A budget variant is to change gaps and paint and add a new floor. A complete renovation means changing everything from ceiling to floor, including frames in the interior. Whether you're planning budget or large, there's a lot to think about before the renovation starts.

Wise investment

A kitchen renovation is a wise investment. The value of the house is raised as the kitchen improves. Whether the doors are replaced or refurbished, or the entire kitchen interior is replaced, the whole house will feel fresh and funeral. New tile, new flooring and a refurbished ceiling can also help to refurbish an older interior.

Trend or Traditional

Every house has its soul and charm. There is something that must be taken into account when choosing a new kitchen fitting. A century-old building gets a lift with a contemporary design, and the modern apartment can handle experimental and contemporary designs. Consider the options carefully. Perhaps a trendy kitchen becomes outdated quickly, and with the many options available, it's always possible to find the perfect kitchen for your home.


The most important piece of kitchen renovation is planning. Does the current planning work well or need something change? Logistics is important. It is difficult if the work routes are crossed all the time. It causes trouble if several people are in the kitchen at the same time. Imagine the workflow in the kitchen from refrigeration to recalling the disc again. How do you just use your kitchen? Open solutions with kitchen islands provide the opportunity to vary the kitchen and have a living and well-functioning kitchen that emits light.


Also, make sure the kitchen is easy to clean. Large clean surfaces where everything gets fit, overcaps that go all the way up to the ceiling, and durable bench surfaces are some of the details that make a kitchen easy to clean. Sockets should be stuck properly, but still removed if necessary. Extractable drawers are ergonomically correct and make it easier for you to reach things that are in the furthest. A good lighting gives comfort and comfort. Also, do not forget that a dining area will fit into the kitchen.

Buying kitchen

Kitchen furnishings are sold primarily by specialized companies. They offer package solutions with drawings to that end. Quality cooks are often expensive investments. On the other hand, they are better when they are made with care. The material is more durable, which means that any color or edges will be scratched so quickly. Often, you can buy white goods that fit the system. However, the cost of the kitchen is not just the one indicated for the decor. Appliances, lighting, sinks and washbasins, flooring, tiles and wall paintings are not included. List all items that are not included in the package and add a budget to the ceiling for the total cost. Always expect something to happen.

Doing yourself or letting

Accuracy and patience are two aspects that are required for those who want to renovate their kitchen on their own. It may be worth hiring a professional craftsman for the job, as they can work the systems and work faster. Electricians and plumbers need to be hired so that the appliances and lighting installations are correct. The ROT deduction is for kitchen renovations.

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