Coal grill for summer grilling. Here you will find tips on different types of charcoal grilles and worth knowing about barley grills, pelargrill and masonry barbecues.

Kolgrill - Tips and Worth knowing about coal grilles

Kolgrill - Tips and Worth knowing about coal grilles

A classic charcoal grill is summer and late evenings in good friends' teams. The charcoal grill is of a simple design that is guaranteed to work and the grill itself is affordable in purchase. This, along with the unique flavor that the charcoal grills give, make the charcoal a first choice for many.

Since ancient times, we have gathered around a cabbage bed to cook our food and hang out with each other. Today, the fireplace itself may look a little different, and with coal the glow will be direct, without the previous fire. But the feeling itself is the same as the taste. Few things can measure with the charcoal-flavored flavor, which is also the main reason why so many buy a charcoal grill instead of a gas grill. Another reason is also that the average charcoal grilles are much cheaper than the gas grill.


The classic grill is a coal-fired grill. Many prefer the coiled grill, even though it requires more work than a gas grill. The reason is the unique taste that the coal provides meat, vegetables and root vegetables. It is cheap in purchase and easy to handle. There are of course also disadvantages. They ounce quite a lot and the smoke is not very eco-friendly either for people or nature. Until it will be difficult to regulate the heat and it may be a bit puzzling to get the fire started. Liquid is an alternative, albeit not the best. Good matches and newsprint are a and o for the art to light a charcoal grill. Despite the disadvantages, the fired grill continues to dominate in the gardens. There is something with carbon grille anyway.

Grille grille

Most coal grills are made of steel sheet, black steel or stainless steel and are often enameled. The simplest have a small grid and an aluminum bottom and are of a one-off model. They are hardly environmentally friendly anywhere but are so comfortable on the excursion. The standard model for a coal-fired grill that will last longer is round and goes under the name "klotgrill". There is a grill that is round in the bottom and is provided with a lid when needed. Cabbage grills are affordable and efficient, and on the larger models you can cook a lot of food in a short period of time. Most glove grinders are wheeled, which makes it easy to place in a suitable place in the garden. More advanced models come with features such as ash box and tripod with relief surfaces in wood or metal. Coal grilles need to be protected against the weather and wind so as not to rust.


A barbecue grill is on a column. Pelargrills are effective as the pillar itself serves as a chimney that draws air into the glowing coal. This makes the grill ready for use after just a quarter of twenty minutes. The grills on a column also often have a grid that can vary in height. This makes it easier to adjust the heat output as required. Many pillars come with a smart ash tank that is easy to empty. Some models' pillars should be filled with water. They then have a function where the carbon can be dropped into the pillar itself with a simple handle. The grill is thus quickly and safely turned off. The disadvantage of a pelargrill is that it is not as easy to move around like a griddle grill and that there is rarely a lid on a pelargrill.

Murade Charging Grills

A durable grill variant is the grilled coal grille. It can be walled entirely on its own or purchased as a kit. A walled coal grill can be of brick or natural stone or light concrete and clinker. They can be designed with or without chimney. The chimney gives a higher effect to the grill, but is not necessarily necessary. The foundation of a walled coal grill needs to be firm and flat. Gravel and plates are recommended. A well-baked barbecue lasts for years. It is easy to clean and a good working height. The downside is of course that a walled grill is where it stands. It is therefore necessary to plan the construction. Choose a strategic location near seating and kitchen.

Kolgrill indoors

It is actually possible to have a charcoal grill indoors. Then it is necessary to buy a model designed for the purpose and to have a smoke channel that can handle the load. They should always be installed with a separate smoke duct and the duct must always be sealed-resistant. Blackplate channels are preferred as they maintain high quality. The distance between the filter for the smoke duct and the carbon grille should be at least one meter, but many times a greater distance is preferable. Never install a charcoal grill on your own.

Thinking of

The air supply is paramount when choosing a grill. A charcoal grill needs to be of good quality for a long time. Cheaper models of steel grilles often come in a thin sheet, which makes them rust and burn easily. Also, keep in mind that the plate grills get hot. Therefore, the grill needs to be placed so that children can not burn on it.

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