Selecting laminate flooring? Here you will find great tips about laminate flooring when choosing, buying and laying laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring - Good tips for choosing laminate flooring

Laminate flooring - Good tips for choosing laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is made of layers made of different materials and can look like a wooden floor or a tiled floor. The floor material provides a durable, practical and durable surface that is suitable for people on the move and families with children and animals. The goodness of the floor depends on its quality.

What is laminate flooring

A laminate floor almost looks like a real wood floor, but is de facto an imitation. The floorboards are made of several layers, usually four. The surface is very strong and durable and protects the floor itself from scratches and moisture. The base is a wood fiberboard, often HDF. The decor is a printed paper. It is also not uncommon with a silencing layer in the discs, which provides an all-in-one setting. The name of the floor comes from the different layers that are squeezed together by a lamination.

Different variants

Laminate floors can take a variety of looks. It is possible to have floors that look like all types of woods, including exotic wood, as well as floors in a variety of designs. In addition to the many models and variants of laminate flooring that mimic different types of hardwood floors, there are also laminates in a variety of other colors and patterns. You can get completely white or completely black floors, floors that look like vowels or stones. As a material, the laminate is relatively environmentally friendly. It consists of 80% of the standard wood model. Even if the laminate floor is imitation of exotic wood, the board itself is still of a kind.

Easy to add

The floors made of laminate are easy to lay. Really simple, it becomes a so-called click floor. Then the floorboards are snapped together without glue. Since the flooring material is largely made of wood, it should be floated with a slit against the wall. Laminate can be laid on other floors, but the floor needs to be flat because the laminate floor should not exhibit unevenness. It is possible to put underfloor heating under a laminate floor. The heat must be waterborne and not exceed 27 degrees. In addition, a vapor barrier is needed to make the floor feel good.

Rugged with laminate

Modern laminate floors are very resistant to moisture and can handle the pet's claws as well as high heels. Most laminate floors also tolerate most chemicals. How durable they are due to the quality. Certain laminate floors look tricky within a couple of years when they are too soft, while other laminate floors last for twenty years or even more. However, once a laminate floor is over, it is not possible to slip again. Then the floor must be replaced.

Buying laminate flooring

There are a variety of brands selling laminate flooring in the Swedish construction industry. There are both import marks and Swedish brands to choose from. They offer all different quality and different prices. Imports and laminates of lower quality often have a fairly low price. A good laminate floor is quite expensive, but it will last for a long time. Often there is a good laminate floor with a long warranty period.

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