Foundations in a country kitchen? Here you will find good tips on country kitchens and wooden kitchens if you are thinking of choosing a country-style kitchen.

Lantkök - Good tips on country-style kitchen

Lantkök - Good tips on country-style kitchen

A country kitchen is a timeless kitchen that lasts forever. In some houses, it is even almost the only option that works with the rest of the environment. Lantköket is for big crowds, social life and to enjoy it. It is surrounded, but also very beautiful and expressive. Properly planned is the real jewel of the country-style dwelling.

Expression in country kitchens

The more prosperous country houses boast high ceilings and large space. The kitchen belonging to the more luxurious country style is often spacious with tall cabinets with beautiful louvre, glass doors and mirror patterns. The bench surfaces are no less generous. Rustic natural materials, preferably locally anchored, are high in courses, as well as exclusive classical materials such as natural stone of various kinds. Tegel is also a material that has been used extensively. A country kitchen often has a lot of light emitted thanks to generous windows.

The colors are popular in bright and matte shades, such as light gray blue, gray, light green and antique.

Beautiful and deliciously light country kitchen

The cookie goes big in the same style as the more luxurious country kitchen. But here's the cleaner nature of wood, and the furniture often has a more genuine and rustic character. Thick wooden slabs like the benches and sometimes some simpler solutions to the needs that the kitchen is to be filled is allowed in the farm kitchen. This is also quite right with several independent units.

Tips for a real country kitchen

- Gaspis
- Cast iron stovepipe
- Large casing above woodpecker
- High and wide solid wood cabinet
- Cupboard doors with sprinkled glass
- Swedish wood, stone or marble countertops
- Curly and beautifully shaped handle.
- Dishwasher cleaner
- Large pantry space
- Built-in appliances
- Wooden or stone floors (preferably with large tiles)
- Cupcake rolls and caps blushed in neat lines
- Storage as seen (hangers, shelves)

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