Can you lawn and cook a lawn? Here you will find tips on what to consider when laying a tired and stained lawn.

Lapping and Lawn Lawn - How to Do

Lapping and Lawn Lawn - How to Do

To replace dead spots in the carpet with new grass, you can either "help" or repair pieces of finished lawn.

Laying through sowing goes on to first erase all dead material and preferably also change soil down to about a decimeter depth. Then the grass seed is sown, preferably with the same grass layer as when the carpet was planted. The seeds are thrown and finally pressed to the ground with a top of the top. For the seeds to grow and grow the plant requires that the soil is kept moist all the time, with watering if it does not rain.

The fastest and safest way to make patches in the lawn is to operate in new lawn, as the cartoon series shows.

Laying with sowing:

With the ridge you make a sofabed where the lawn is damaged. First, you erase everything that is sick and dead.

Grass seed is sown and thrown down. Just make sure that the bed is kept moist, even in depth, until the grass has risen.

Laying with lapping:

A decimetre layer of yard is removed within a square covering the damage in the lawn.

At the edge of the lawn The lawn, where it is not noticeable too much, takes a spade up an approximately 5 cm thick graveyard to fit in the already excavated square. Do not make the turf too big, so they will be difficult to handle.

Fill the soil to a level before loading the fresh turf turf into the newly squared square.

Trample, fill the soil in the joints , and tramp again. Finish with water.

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