Latex paint for wood facades. Here you will find good tips on latex paints and what to consider when painting your wood facade with latex paint.

Latex paint - Paint the wood facade with latex paint

Latex paint - Paint the wood facade with latex paint

Latex Color is a collective name for the water-soluble colors that have small plastic balls as binders. The most common latex paint on the facade is acrylic paint, a lightweight and fast-drying color that lasts a long time. There are also other latex paints on the market, but they are mostly intended for indoor painting.

Latex Color

Latex Colors developed in the middle of the 20th century and has developed strongly since then. Today there are latex colors for the most part. The latex paint used primarily for outdoor use and for facades is the acrylate paint, a color whose adhesive is acrylated. Latex colors are easy-to-work and quick-drying, making them easy to work with. There are also long-lasting colors when they are exposed to sun and wind.


The latex paint binder is a kind of microscopic microspheres in water dispersed in water. When the paint is stained on the surface and dried, the water has evaporated. Then the plastic balls have been bonded to each other again and form a color surface that does not penetrate into the wood, but lies like a protective surface on the wood. It is thus a color that is diluted with water, which makes the color easy to handle. Occasionally, however, solvent is also included in the paint.


In order for the latex paint to provide the protection it is intended, the wood must be ground painted with oil before the latex paint is applied. In addition, a basic painting with an alkyd oil primer is often required. However, it is not always necessary for modern latex paints. The latex paint is then stretched in two layers, to really cover the surface to be protected.


Latex paints are easy to work and easy to work thanks to their water-soluble shape. The tools used can be easily cleaned in water. Latex colors last for a long time and deliver a consistent and safe result. They age without changing their structure and generally maintain good condition for many years.


You can not iron a latex paint on a clean wood without a solid foundation of the wood first. The foundation determines how well the painting will be and how long the color will last. There are pores that cause the latex paint to breathe. This allows moisture to penetrate and out through the paint layer, at least when it is reasonably cold. When hot, the pores can be sealed and then closed in the moisture. It can give rise to rot, unless the underwork is properly done.

Latex colors can not be stored in freezing temperatures. It ruins the texture of the color. Many people think that latex paints look plastic and difficult to get rid of when it's time to paint. It is easy to make the color as chewing gum of the solvents used.

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