The lawn soil is important for a good lawn. This should help you know about the soil in the lawn to get a good lawn in your garden.

Lawn of the lawn - This is what you need to know

Lawn of the lawn - This is what you need to know

The grass plant is best enjoyed in mulled sandy soil, but is not more accurate than most cultivated soil types. In order for the grass to grow and to compete with weeds, withstand periods of drought etc., a layer of reasonably good soil is required at the top, where most of the roots are present. It is also important that the soil of the lawn is sufficiently porous and well filled with pores containing air and water. In a "water-soiled" soil you talk about it, the porous system is completely water-filled, which causes the plant to choke and die.

The plants pick up their need for water from the ground like the air roots need to breathe. The roots are the lungs of the plant. If the soil is too dense, the plant's growth.


Mullen in the soil stabilizes the nutrient content and helps to break down plant residues quickly. The grass plant itself increases the earth's molluscs by rooting away to die and die. It is expected that the grass plant renews its root system annually. The bigger and stronger the plant, the better the muller!

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