What tools are needed to handle a lawn? Here you will find tips on the tools you need to care and maintain your lawn.

Lawn Utility - This is what you need

Lawn Utility - This is what you need

The basic tools needed to handle a lawn are hand tools such as garden shovel, rake, rake and basket for collection, as well as aids for cutting and fertilizing the lawn . If you want vertical cut and top dressing, special tools are required for this.

When collecting the lawn, containers are available to compost and saddle through. Maybe also a cart, if the basket becomes too heavy. Some of the tools are for engine operation, such as lawn mower and vertical cutter.

When lawn is installed, it can facilitate a ground cutter. Shovel trailer and shovel to shed soil with needed additionally and a roller to push with. Nettle (gall field) is the best. Equipment that is the easiest and cheapest to hire is ground cutter, vertical cutter and net roller. For grassådd there is a seed drill, also for rent or loan.

Utility tool

Basket of wings

A carrier mat replaces the basket

Tool hooks

Shovel trailer

Garden shovel with crossed egg


Steel wire rakes




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