Which mailbox should you choose? Here you will find tips on mailboxes. Read more about lockable mailboxes, classic or US mailboxes before your choice.

Letterboxes - Tips for choosing mailbox

Letterboxes - Tips for choosing mailbox

There is something special with letters. Although an increasing proportion of our correspondence is via phones and e-mail, it is something special to get a letter in the mailbox. It is also something specific with the mailbox itself. It is part of a loft front and affects the appearance of a house well much more than many might think about. It is important that the box matches the character of the house.

A mailbox is a must. E-mail and phone in spite of still much of the important correspondence by letter. Now that many also shop online, the mailbox has got an even more important purpose - to receive larger items. In order to accomplish its task, the mailbox needs to be functional. However, it does not prevent the mailbox from being beautiful, fun, or even flashy. On the contrary. The letter box shows who you are and can be a fun accessory to the house.


To begin with, a mailbox needs to fill its function well. It should be spacious enough for the consignments that come and protect mail and newspapers against hydrogen. Whoever subscribes to newspapers needs a slightly larger mailbox, especially if several newspapers are allowed to fit in. The newspaper carriers advocate a mailbox that measures the dimensions 80 * 250 * 350 mm. Letter boxes that have these dimensions, or are larger, are sometimes labeled with a P. They are also tested by the Swedish Technical Research Institute. It is also important to look at how the mailbox will be mounted. The quality is as important as the size. Boxes made of thin sheet or bad wood do not last for a long time.

Classic or Modern Mailbox

As long as the mailbox is functional, it is a flavor which mailbox is used. The box can be made of wood or sheet, as desired. The nicest thing is often to match the mailbox with the house. A wooden house, especially if it's older, is served by a mailbox in wood, perhaps with beautiful carvings. With a box that matches the color of the house, the impression becomes extra nice. Folding boxes in sheet fits the funky house and houses with a sashed facade. Most of all, of course, it is a unique and personal mailbox. In the countryside it can fit with a hand-painted box, which shines with sun and greenery. Many wooden letterboxes are sold untreated and can easily be painted. Some companies also offer the customer to put their own designs and images on the boxes.

American Model

A later variation in the market is the classic American mailboxes. They have the opening on the front and are shaped like a tub. In the mailbox there is also a flag that can be folded up. In the US this flag is very useful. Instead of posting a letter to a yellow separate mailbox, here are letters to be sent in their own mailbox. To show that there is a letter to be sent, the flag is displayed. Pretty smart! But unfortunately, completely unusable in Sweden.

Lockable Mailboxes

A popular model of mailbox is also the lockable variant. It allows the letter carrier to post, but to access them, a key is required. These mailboxes are quite expensive, but perform well in certain areas and for some people or companies that receive valuable items. It also suits people who do not empty their mailbox daily, as the storage volume in the box is often very high. One of the reasons why this model is so popular is not least that more and more online shopping. Then a box is needed that can take a little more bulky shipment.


A detail that is so important on the mailbox is how it is mounted. The most common thing is that they should be mounted on a pole at the roadside. But there are also mailboxes that are made to be attached to a house wall. Lockable letter boxes are available in models that are grounded in the ground and in models that are screwed onto a wall or a wooden or metal mount.

Thinking of

Please inform the mail carrier about the size of shipments that the new mailbox will handle. This can reduce the number of trips to the mail delivery point. Also, consider placing the mailbox at a height acceptable to the mail carrier. The letter box should be readily available to the Post.

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