Linoleum Flooring, What to Consider? Here you will find great tips on what linoleum and linoleum flooring are when choosing and adding modern linoleum floors.

Linoleum Flooring - Great Tips for Choosing Linoleum

Linoleum Flooring - Great Tips for Choosing Linoleum

If you thought linoleum flooring belonged to the past you may not have joined the turns? Nowadays linoleum flooring is a hot alternative on the market. This is due not least to the ever-increasing environmental interest, but also to the fact that modern linoleum floors are stylish, practical, cheap and easy to put.


As the English invention linoleum is, it may not be strange that the material is associated with floors in English middle class homes. When industrialization took off in England, Fred Walton arrived in 1860 with a material made from various waste from industry in the area, such as cork flour, linseed oil, resin and a kind of dry mass. Together, these products form a mass of mass, which can then be rolled into a mat.

Modern linoleum flooring

The plastic floor came about to penetrate the linoleum floor almost completely, but as the environmental interest grew, the linoleum floor also returned . Today a jute fabric is added to further increase the durability of the carpet and give it a good structure. Additionally, a coating is often applied to give the mat a splash protection and easy to clean. This means that the floor does not need to be waxed or polished to become permanent.

Linoleum As Floor

As floor floor, linoleum is a very durable material. It protects against cold and sound and is very durable. It makes the linoleum floor a hot candidate like floors in many different public environments. A linoleum floor feels comfortable to walk on. The material comes in a thousand and one colors, as well as in different patterns. You can buy linoleum floors as tiles or as carpets of different sizes. The tiles can be laid in different patterns to create a splendid spatial effect.

Adding linoleum flooring

A linoleum floor that comes in the form of tiles is glued to wooden floors or laid out as a clay floor. They are relatively easy to lay, especially the clay floor that can be floated on an already existing floor. The carpets are put in shock and glued for best durability. In some cases the mat can be loosely laid on a floor. Laying a durable floor consisting of a linoleum mat requires accuracy and planning.

Environment and Price

Linoleum flooring is a good alternative from an environmental point of view, unlike the plastic floor made of crude oil. The floor is made entirely of natural and renewable materials. It is also very affordable. With a linoleum floor, you get a lot of durable flooring for your money.

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