Linoljekitt is a traditional window kit with both advantages and disadvantages. Here you will find out what strengths and weaknesses the linolite kits have.

Linoljekitt - Traditional Window Kit - Advantages and Disadvantages

Linen-based products, not least linolite, are the basis of a traditional wooden window renovation. Although there are a lot of other types of window kits on the market, the linolite kit is a strong candidate for anyone who wants to renovate their windows. Not least because it is well proven, but also that it is affordable, easy to use and compared to many other kittens, an environmentally friendly product.

What contains linoljekit

Linoljekitt consists of a mixture of linseed oil and chalk . In old recipes, linseed oil is always raw, but in today's linoljekit it can be both raw and cooked. Kittens based on boiled linseed oil dries faster. There are a variety of brands on the linoljekitten and they can vary slightly in qualities and in quality. Common to most, however, is that the kit is delivered canned and is affordable.

Scope of application

Linolite kits are used as a seal between window glass and wooden arches. The bow is first saturated with linseed oil and then kittens it. Then it will be painted within 24 hours. If you do not have to remind yourself of this time, you will get the painting done until the kit has dried completely, ie after at least 2-3 weeks. Meanwhile there is a swelling process of the kit which causes the kit to collapse under the paint if you paint it over it.

It's also good to use the kit to fill in small wooden cracks and joints. In combination with schellack, for example, a kettle filler has a long durability.

Tip! Linolite kits are stored in the freezer.

Linoljekittets styrkor

Linoljekitt is the traditional way to add windows and can therefore be considered as highly tested. You simply know that the kit holds and the glass of the window does not damage the mixture. The kit is recommended by the RiksantikvarieƤmbetet when renovating older windows. The newer kitten can damage old window panes as it glue too hard against them to crack when they are to be refurbished.

+ Linoljekitt is very easy to paint over, as opposed to some other options on the market.

+ It is also easy to handle a linoleum sauce thanks to its consistency . The handling of the kittle knife may feel a little bit above, but most people will quickly learn how the technology works.

+ For the environment conscious, linseed cheeses are a good choice as all raw materials are natural, and the foliage grows to a large extent within our own borders.

The weaknesses of the Linoljeket

- Linoljekitt has a long drying time. Newer kitten often dries faster and you do not have to be very careful when painting over the kit. In addition, the volume does not change in the curing of many newer types of kittens.

- Many newer varieties of kittens are delivered in a tube that fits the gun. Some may feel like an easier way to seal the glass / arc joint. As an alternative, many of the silicone-free options prefer to be able to paint over the joint.

- Linolite kits do not have the same adhesion as modern kittens. It can sometimes be a disadvantage. An option for old windows can be a product made of soybean oil. It provides better adhesion, but not sure that the glass is cracking during a renovation.

- It is sometimes said that linoljekitt is cracking. This is due to the fact that basic oil and basic painting did not happen as it should be. Then the wood suckes the moisture from the linolite kittens and the kittens burst when it dries. Coupled windows, on the other hand, can make the kittens crack, and a more elastic type of kittens may be needed.

"Another disadvantage of linoljekitt is that birds may think some blends of it are mums.