Choosing Marble Floors? Here you will find tips on marble floors and what marble is for stone material and what to consider when laying marble floors.

Marble Floor - Tips for Choosing Marble Floors

Marble Floor - Tips for Choosing Marble Floors

The exclusive marble is a popular flooring material for those who want to decorate their home based on a classic cut. Not least Italian design often comes from marble coatings of different kinds. As a stone it is not quite as sensitive as the limestone. On the other hand, it is also not as durable and hard as granite.

Sensitive stones

Marble is a stone species developed from limestone. It is thus one of the more sensitive rocks. Therefore, they also have a lot of properties common, not least the fact that it is sensitive to all sorts of acid. Marble floors can therefore not be swallowed with calcium-solvents, and wine, lemon, vinegar and other acidic substances have the ability to discolor the stone.

Lovely lusts

The pure marble is white. But since the marble is often naturally polluted, it comes in a variety of colors depending on contamination. Until the pollution will make the stone flame. For the vast majority, the flames give a living impression. Marmorn is available to buy polished and has a beautiful shine. The gloss gives a water repellent surface and a sense of exclusivity.

It is also harder for the dirt to attach polished marble, but when it becomes a hallway, polished marble is best suited to walls and as a bench material. A tumbled marble is grinded in a tumbler and has a worn beautiful impression. There is also fine marble. It is side matt and common for construction of hallways and stairs.

Adding marble floors

A marble flooring adorns any room. The stones come in a variety of different sizes, including mosaics on the net. The bathroom will be exclusive and will have a lovely luster, while the bedroom will have a cool and Mediterranean character of marble. Marble floors are laid as tiles in general. A very flat surface is recommended as well as accuracy in all handling and preliminary work.

It is always good to lay out the entire tile of the floor before mounting properly, as natural stone can change in color from stone to rock. By laying out the entire puzzle at one time, it is possible to match the individual individual shades of the plates in a beautiful way.

About marble

Marmorn is a long-lasting natural stone if it is well-maintained. The wear often gives a beautiful impression. Despite the slippery appearance, marble floors are not as slippery as many may think. Even wet marble floors can go on, making marble a good choice of materials in most rooms. Marble, however, costs a lot of money. To protect the precious marble it is wise to grow the stone periodically so that a protective surface prevents discoloration.

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