Thinking of a New Microwave Oven? Here you will find great tips on microwave ovens when choosing and buying a new microwave for your kitchen.

Microwave Oven - Good to Know About Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven - Good to Know About Microwave Oven

Fast and environmentally friendly with microwave

A microwave has become standard in the kitchen. Today, there are almost as many microwave ovens to choose as common ovens. It offers a wide selection of a variety of options, depending on the needs and how much the machine can cost.

Environmental reasons for microwave ovens

The microwave oven is an energy source for heating, cooking or cooking smaller amounts of food. Most of the boilers work at least as well in the microwave, with the exception of a spaghetti cookie. However, water is still the least energy to heat in a kettle. In microwave ovens with crip function, there is even greater cooking possibilities.

Free-standing or built-in

In the new kitchen, the most common option is a built-in microwave. It takes no place from the bench, but is hidden in a cabinet. Please place the built-in oven at a height between 80 cm and 120 cm, which is considered to be a good working height. Another option to get more space is to choose a microwave oven in combination with a hot air oven. It clears the cooking times properly and provides great flexibility in cooking. The disadvantage of these combi ovens is, however, that the price tag can be quite high.


How large the microwave is measured in liters. In the small household, or in the limited-space kitchen, a compact and small microwave can last a long way. In the kitchen where a lot of food is made and especially in households where children are part of everyday life, a hearty oven can be in its place. There is nothing as practical as a hearty microwave to quickly get your baby food warm, or the vaginal order.

Effective heating

For efficient heating, a good maximum power is required in the microwave oven. The power of the microwaves is measured in watts (W). The higher the value of W, the faster the food can be heated and thawed. The desired effect in each heating is set manually. But there are some microwave ovens that have program features where the effect changes as the program goes.

A rotating plate on the bottom of the microwave helps to heat the food evenly. The downside is, however, that rectangular and slightly larger carots rarely fit on the plate, but stuck when the plate is rotated. This may damage the microwave. This problem can be solved easily by selecting a microwave oven where the rotary function can be switched off.


In addition to rotating plates, there are a variety of features to choose from on the new microwave oven. Here are some examples:

Digital display

The simpler models are often angry, while more advanced machines have a digital display that sets the various functions.


The microwave that has digital display also has


The previously mentioned built-in fluid thermometer is a practical touch that facilitates everyday life.

Program Opportunities

A more advanced microwave oven often allows multiple programming options: A popular program is the launcher.

Grill Features

This feature can be called grill and crisp and allows a crispy surface on the heated foods. These microwave ovens have an element that turns on giving crispness.

Audio signals

Many microwave ovens are piping at different times. With a microwave oven where the beep can be switched off, a lot of stress can be reduced.

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